Thursday, 18 September 2008

Hurry, hurry, the season's turning!

Well I have no idea where the time is flying to, but fly it does.
I realise that whoever St. Francis Xavier was, his observation regarding children is suddenly very pertinent in this house. "Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man". Well, horrors! Suddenly everything my beautiful boy does causes me to glance at his daddy and wonder. Laundry left around the house like it will magically jump into the laundry room? Cups and crumbs left on the sofa? Endless important banging on nails and pieces of wood in the workshop? To his future wife, I am sorry. I failed to prevent these influences before it was too late! On the upside he is empathetic, polite, loving, cuddly, a great cook, and handy with a needle (the last two are not from his daddy)! Phew! Didn't do too badly then!
We baked the birthday biscuits for school. Isn't this the most wonderful cutter? Thank-you lovely neighbour for such a kind and thoughtful gift!
Note: for everyone who has asked - the cutter can be bought online here. Have fun with it! I have lots of ideas for googly eyes in the future! t.x
Amazingly the sun shone down on the birthday bash. A week of rain to wash away all the smelly muck that the farmer had been spreading on every field within 100yds of our garden and then, on the big day, glorious sunshine. Hurrah!
I have been very neglectful of my blog with all the birthday busy-ness. I have not kept you up to date with my vintage finds. Can you see that beautiful pink enamel brooch! It's huge and I love it! Of course I can't show you everything in one go on the basis that I might incriminate myself; hubby has been known to stop by from time to time to check on my activities! (hello sweetie.x)
But this one I must show you. The bunny was knitted for me by my beloved nana in the 1960's. He's a bit flopsy with all the love he's had over the years. I can remember holding him in the white cot in the back room at nan's house. It's one of my earliest memories. And now I have the knitting pattern so even I might be inspired to dust off my needles and have a go! I wonder why she didn't knit the one in a pink frock? Maybe she made it before I was born and so it was a unisex bunny for all eventualities? I wish I could ask her.
Good news on the home front. No the Aga is not on yet, that never happens before mid-October. No, not the heating, that has to wait until real Winter in January and February. But the stove was glowing last night and what a joy to throw off the blankets and finally accept that Autumn is here!
So now I need to beaver away and get some projects ready for my sewing chair by the stove. I'm making a few of these.. you won't guess. I'm making up the base fabric and have not quite decided what to do with them yet!
and I've started piecing a new embroidery picture. I love this stage. It's like painting with cloth. So enjoyable and I get lost in it for hours!
And some more bunting - already thinking about stocking fillers! Simple mini-bunting is always so popular with children for their bedrooms, even teenagers seem to think it's cool! We don't just save it for parties here. Any slight excuse and the bunting is out!
I'm not sure what I'm up to with these squares. But something is wanting to be made with these wonderful colours, I just think this quilt ought to be finished before I do any more! Naughty me!
So, nearly caught up now. Just a few notes of neglect. Lovely Kristin over at Polka Dotted World very kindly awarded me the 'Tree of Happiness'' tag. I am to tell you 7 things that make me happy and I just never got around to doing it. Family, fabric, sewing, vintage finds, baking, my garden, my home. All the things in this blog really. It's my happy place! Thank-you Kristin.x
I was also tagged by The Domestic Novice (go see her gorgeous photography!) with the 'How Quirky are You' meme. Hmm. 6 quirky yet boring and unspectacular details about myself...Only 6?! Well.... No, I can't! I want you to like me! xx
Other things in the pipeline include a 'How to' tutorial for the lovely Tanya over at Lily and Agathe (no idea what to do, but I'm onto it, honest!) and an interview over at Blisschick - thought provoking and much harder than I had expected. I'm enjoying the challenge of the questions and I recommend anyone to give them some thought.
So, Autumn is here. My 'View from Here' for September was taken very early in the morning. The sun is just beginning to peep over trees. Nothing like a farm view to ensure you know what season you're in.
I love Autumn. Bonfires, baked potatoes, leaf prints, and soon our apples will be ready for picking. If anyone would like a bag of Bramley's please just drop by and help yourself! t.xx
'Show and Tell' is back this Sunday, pop over to see Cerri if you'd like to join in!


Hen said...

I love your embroidered picture so I'm looking forward to seeing this one with flowers in the jug...

Hen x

Betty Jo said...

There are too many gorgeous things on this post..the owlie biscuits,the buttons, the knitted bunny, the cast iron stove, the view!!!
And I must agree with you, there is nothing better than having a cuddly (even if messy)boy. xx Betty Jo

Libbys Blog said...

Our front fire is also lit, not quite cold enough for the Rayburn. Like you I have started to rummage in my sewing/knitting cupboard to see what I can find to do over the winter!!

Ragged Roses said...

Autumn is great isn't it! Once you get over the shock of the loss of summer (but we never really had one), I always find it such an exciting time. A time to do things, new ideas and lots of eating in front of the fire (love those biscuits)

Country Cottage Chic said...

I love the owl biscuits! All the sewing looks very inspiring. I'm also counting the days until the Aga goes back on!

Lily and Agathe said...

I love that owl cookie cutter, it's the best ! and that cupcake ! Did you meet Allison yet ? we met up, it was great fun, I was so sad to say goodbye.... take your time with the 'how to' I am sure it will be great xx

Kathy said...

Hi, How I laughed, My mum and your nan must have the same pattern as I have that bunny too, although mine has rather fetching pink legs and a stripy yellow and green body! His name is called teddy longneck as I always held him by his neck and thus stretched it! Our aga has been on all summer, always is, as we don't have anything else to cook on. I must admit we turn it right down and it is just takes a lot longer to cook on and the baking oven is no good for cakes, I just use the roasting oven. I still love it though! Gorgeous Autumn picture. Kathy

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
What a busy little bee you are! I think its the effect of autumn, isn't it? Time to find projects to do indoors and keep snuggly and warm - woodburner a BIG bonus!

Glad that the party went so well and the weather was kind - sun shines on the righteous, you know!

Save a bag of Bramley's for me!

Niki x

clare Carter said...

Oh the owls are gorgeous! Another cutter to add to my collection : )Cannot BELIEVE you mentioned 'stocking fillers'.Stop it!!I'm not ready.Back in January I thought I would get started on my stocking advent calender.Huh!So not happening yet.And I'm jealous you are rugging up.We are starting to sweat : ( Beautiful beautiful view.You must just stand and stare......x

Kim McBirnie said...

Those owl biscuits are amazing! It's my daughter's fourth birthday in two weeks and I may have to shamelessly copy them for her nursery group. I'm with you on autumn, it is far and away the best season. Must be an english thing.

Kitschen Pink said...

Hello hen - me too! x

BJ - I do love sensible mum's who have their priorities all the right way around! t.x

LB - show us what you find! t.x

RR - I like the eating bit best!! x

CCC - can never be too soon for me!

L&A thank you for your confidence! Saw Allison today! Lovely!

K - I love hearing peoples names for their toys, mine were all called original things like 'rabbit', 'bear' - for the first two weeks beautiful boy was called baby - if it hadn't been for the grandmother's it might have become permanent! x

Niki - I can keep a bag until October!! xx

CC - oh yes, that's the view from the kitschen sink - I do stand and stare a lot! xx

KMcB - copy away - although the googly eyes were a happy accident as that's all I had in the cupboards - I was thinking smarties or jelly tots next time! Have fun! t.x

Lottie said...

I so adore your blog and glad you are getting visits from those who visit mine.

I have been a bit lax blogging lately - have been away and this week been too busy to blog. Until this time of night - when I am fit for nothing but bed.

Off to browse your Etsy

Lily and Agathe said...

Would love to photograph your house but seeing as I said 'never, never (few chioce words thrown in) never again' not sure I will be flying anywhere !
ps.. I always say that..

Fancy Elastic said...

My, such a lot of gorgeousness.

We had our chimney swept yesterday in readiness for the first fire of the season (although I have to admit to having lit it over the 'summer' a couple of times this year.

I love love love it when it gets lit as standard every evening.

Oh, and I would love some bramleys but I fear it may be a bit far for a drop by!


Sal said...

I love your nan's knitted bunny!
And you've got me quite looking forward to autumn now!!;-)

Kitschen Pink said...

Lottie- you can't fool me - I've seen all that allotment work! t.x

L&A - you can get here by boat! t.x

FE -Ah! Chimney sweep - I knew I'd forgotten something! t.x

Sal - delighted to be of use! t.x

The domestic novice said...

What a fantastic post. Can't wait to see your new collage.

Your view is to die for! What space - living in London isn't quite the same, although unlike most flat dwellers we are lucky enough to have a garden.

Thanks for the lovely plug. Just love your response - wish I'd come up with that, rather than my list of increasingly OCD traits! Have a lovely week. Cx

Jaywalker said...

The owl biscuits. Simply the best. Biscuits. Ever. Spangle eyes! Eeeeh. I want to live in your pocket KP.

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

such a cute post!!! love all the pics!! lovely fabrics and yummy goodies!!I hope you have a wonderful day!! xo Britt