Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Nearly done!

Today we're off to the workroom.
Looking relatively tidy, I remind you, because the pictures were taken when the photographer was still here! Please don't for one moment think it stays this way! Those table curtains hide a multitude of sins - bundles of mess!
At this end of the room I have my working areas and the window faces South East so it brings in the morning sunshine. The sewing box was made by my grandad for my granny and I treasure it every time I use it!The blue dotty table is where I'm sitting now, so you can picture it when we chat!
At the other end of the room there is a picture window which faces North East and there are huge cupboards to hide more stuff and nonsense!
We have had this little heart hanger for many years since our first home together so I am very fond of it.
These open shelves have lots of inspiration. The top shelf houses some of my favourite childrens' books - the ones not snaffled by the beautiful boy! Then there are my buttons and Iced Gem china.
and more books, lots of embroidery books and books about gardening, oh, and more buttons!
You've seen the new shelving. Already there is overflow onto the floor and into baskets. Oh dear.
On top of the shelves I have my knitting needles gathering dust. I really must find time for knitting again. Perhaps in the autumn. I was never greatly skilled but I did enjoy working with cosy yarns in beautiful colours.
Here are my jars of letters for in case I am ever lost for words! HAHA! Don't need these much then!
And I keep my vintage jelly moulds here too.
They are so useful for all sorts of awkward bits and bobs that need to be kept to hand!
A couple of W.I.P. s in a favourite sweetie box (sweeties long gone!)
And of course pretty tins mainly used for my embroidery silks separated by colour group. I like the little spool cards but I don't much like the plastic boxes. These are not so practical but worth the inconvenience for the prettiness methinks!
So, next time we're off to the kitschen for much needed tea and cake! Back soon. Hope you're all having a lovely week. I've had a bit of a stinker of a week really as it got off to a beastly start so I've enjoyed being here and pottering around with you. Thank-you so much for all your kind comments! t.xx


willywagtail said...

All very lovely. If there was nothing behind those curtains we would have to cause to worry about yoy. No respectable sewer is without a mess somewhere. ;) At least you knew it was tidied this decade. Cherrie

The Antidote said...

I think this is my favourite so far. Your home is lovely x

Gillian said...

We're moving home soon so I'm really inspired by your beautiful workroom!Hope to secure a dedicated craft corner so my projects will no longer multiply across our living room!

Tabiboo said...

A mutitude of sins 'eh' I love the fact that you can hide them away!

Your work space is lovely I would want to hide in there all day and I love the jelly mould idea. I have tons of them, but never really knew what to do with them - apart from make jelly that is!!

Hope your feeling better soon,

have a lovely week too,

Nina x

Polka Dot Daze said...

Oh wow - thanks for sharing that! You're so lucky! I'm based in the dining room and I often have to pack it all up!

silverpebble said...

What a gorgeous, jewel-like little room - thanks for the tour! Those tins are wonderful x

Floss said...

Great room - it's lovely to see all the bits and bobs in one post, so we can envisage you as you work or post! In my on-going attempt to sort my fabrics the way you do, I have done tons of ironing this morning and have reduced the pile of 'broken suitcases which are still useful for holding fabric' down to one. I feel that's good progress! Thanks again for the inspiration.

Rhiannon said...

There are just too many fabulous things for words! The sewing box! The multicoloured knitting needles! The buttons!

Sitting in a cluttered bedroom/study/storage cupboard in Brum it certainly makes me wish for something new!

shell said...

Oh, it's not fair - I want one ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a great workroom you have.It must be wonderful to have all your bits in one room. Mine are scattered all over the house.
I love your collection of tins.
Ciao; Helena

Carol said...

What a fab work room, so neat and tidy. You must love being here.
Love those jelly moulds...I have a few, use mine as tea light holders.

Menopausal musing said...

Oh, those knitting needles!!!! Lovely post again. Thanks for letting us peep.. x

bekimarie said...

What a lovely room, thanks for showing us around!
I would give my right arm for a room like this.
Can I ask where you got your letters from please, i've been trying to find some but without much success.
Take care
Beki xxx

Shabby Chick said...

I've really enjoyed seeing your rooms and this one is no exception, it's lovely. Certainly beats my dodge-the-cereal work on the dining table!!! Very envious of your buttons.

Mel xxx

Laura said...

Beautiful and so inspirational to see innovative and pretty ways to store items for practical use! Your workroom and home are lovely!

Marianne said...

I found your blog recently. I love it and your home. Will be back often!

bex said...

ohh dear! i have craft room envy!!

vanessa said...

I've been following the tour of your house each day, and just as I've been about to leave a comment, I've been called away! So I'm finally here! I just want to say, your house is beautiful, just gorgeous, I love everything about it, the way you've decorated it, the colours you use, and your work room! Heavenly! Your collections of vintage objects have me drooling............. Thank you so much for the tour, you've been very generous with your open house, it's been wonderful!
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

Mary Poppins said...

Goooooorgeous, thank you so much for sharing. Exactly what I need right now, your wonderful, pretty colourful photographs of things and places that make you smile, your lovely photographs are definately helping to lift the shadowy cloud I have hanging over me at the moment.

A adore your little jelly moulds and the special heart, how lovely :)


tracey said...

great creative space. i think im gonna have to steal the table curtain idea to hide some of my mess. i love your blog thank you for shareing

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

I LOVE your workroom! Spacious and tidy! We started mine 2 months ago but it's still not finished! Yours is an inspiration. I love what you have done with the jars. I have caught up with your previous posts as I have ben behind with blogging and like the colour of your door and windows outside. You really have a very nice house!
Take care
Isabelle x

Sal said...

It's been a real treat to visit your home this week! ;-)

MarmaladeRose said...

OOO! Lovely, lovely, lovely! I've just been catching up with all the other rooms too. You have a beautiful home, thank you so much for inviting me I've had a lovely time. The quilt made up of squares on your bed is scrummy. I love squared patchwork it always looks so homey.
I really must get off this computer and do more home making in my own house. Yours is a true inspiration.

Love Fi x

Jewels said...

So pretty and full of crafty fun!

Lark said...

Hi Teena, I would love to come and chat with you in your workroom over a cuppa!

Allison x

Anonymous said...

Hello Teena
I feel like we have been on a mini break.What a peace ful work room.I feel relaxed and fresh after the tour.Think I could work in there all day No problem.Your home is very special.Thanks for sharing with us.

Elma said...

Oh your craft room is wonderful!!! I love all the jars with buttons:) I can' wait for tommorrow My fav room:)

Kris said...

Love love love your craft room. Wonderful bright colors to inspire and great organiztion and storage solutions. Thanks for sharing.


A Thrifty Mrs said...

I some how managed to miss this post. Wow and flippin wow again. love it.

myminimocs said...

looks like a lovely place to create!

Shannon said...

oh dear... I am afraid I am quite jealous of this room. Lucky, lucky you to have a space of your own - and you have made it so lovely and inspiring!