Sunday, 20 December 2009

Festivities and Foxes

Well where did the time go?! A moment ago Mrs Bobobun and I were off around the countryside of North Norfolk with a lump hammer and a staple gun (do you spy that gorgeous vintage coat?!)...
Then it was the day of the first Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market!
There was time for a bit of sewing,
A few felted owls, the little ones with lavender from the garden,
Mrs Bobobun and I were grateful to have time to set up the night before so that we could help our stall holders on the day....see more pics over on the Pick n Mix blog!
The beautiful boy had a lovely time discovering a fishing ap on the iPhone of Phil from Grain Brewery.... thank-you Phil - the boy and his daddy are now both utterly hooked...
The boy also occupied himself with some cutting and sticking with one of the Grain Brewery beer bottle boxes... the perfect festive hat as it turns out!
And then it was all over. Just like that and already Mrs Bobobun and I are busy going through the applications for our next fair in May! But first it's holiday time and the Beautiful boy and I have been freezing to bits doing a spot of birdwatching in our favourite places...
and then the weather kindly brought snow! Hurrah!
Snowmen, snowball fights and general mayhem...
and some tracking. We tracked this naughty fox all over the garden...
always generally in the direction of our neighbours lovely chickens!
and finishing on some prettiness, I accidentally sold the initial sampler... but the lady needed an 'R' for her neice and I am very happy it has gone to a lovely appreciative home!
Not much time for any sewing now with Christmas just days away. I have no idea how it crept upon me so quickly this year. For the first time, Christmas will be elsewhere this year so the house is feeling a bit left out, but I'm sure there will be a few festive pics before the big day. Hope you're all enjoying the holidays and are ready for festive fun. t.x
(Just in case you were wondering - the lump hammer and staple gun were for sign posting.. of course!! t.x)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

I know it's nearly Christmas because....

The beautiful boy spent an afternoon beavering away at the kitschen table making Christmas cards for his classmates....Mrs Bobobun sent me a picture of our Pick 'n' Mix banner which she and hubby put up in Holt today!

Our market continues to get wonderful coverage in the press.. this article came out Friday and included a great write up on two of our lovely makers Emma Mitchell and Lapwing Printworks.
And when I read the January issue of BBC Homes and Antiques magazine there is our home all festive and bright! (of course you all know the pictures were taken on a sweltering day back in August... but Hey! Play along!)
They have done a wonderful 8 pages of lovely pictures - the beautiful boy was utterly delighted to have a full-page picture of his bedroom so a copy had to go into school for show and tell! Mummy was less delighted with yet another picture of herself before the fitness drive really took effect - one of the downsides of all this press coverage is that all the pictures feel terribly out of date! Vanity again! But really - couldn't they just show the house?!
Of course there is one truly surefire way to tell it is nearly Christmas.... The arrival of glitter! I make it a matter of necessity that no-one sits at the kitschen table in December without getting the stuff on their elbows, in their hair, on their chin.... it's everywhere already!
so Christmas must be just around the corner!
And tomorrow I am off to Mrs Bobobuns to have a jolly day sprinkling glitter in her dining room as we prepare some homemade decs for the hall on Saturday! Whooppee!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

All in a whirl!

Sunday saw another Little Vintage Lover Fair and a wonderful day it was too. There were Zoe's sparkly cupcakes, of course...
and I was very lucky to have delightful neighbours as ever... sorry for the photos but it was still quite dark when we were setting up and too busy to take pictures later! This is the stall of the lovely Daniella of Acorn and Will - she'll be back in Norfolk for the Pick 'n' Mix in a couple of weeks time.
and next to her was a blast from my past...the delectable Saffron Paffron of Paffron and Scott with her covetable mid-century wares -
I took a lot of my smaller utility china pieces to sell... yes sell! And I found this one but passed it on to Daniella who also bought most of what I sold! This piece was interesting though - I've never seen two-colour pieces...
so a new back-stamp for the collection too!
Did I buy? Do bees make honey? Of course I did - you've seen the Acorn and Will website?! Irresistible! Two beautiful brooches... so many colours I just couldn't decide upon only one!
a few vintage decs... a bit more than I usually spend but these ones were very special!
and some larger utility china pieces to replace the small ones I sold... well what did you expect?!
There has been a bit of excitement for the beautiful boy - a while back we submitted our pictures to Culture 24's 'Museums at Night' competition - and we won in the action category with this picture - 'Three Boys Running'. The boy is delighted.
And you know how I love to be given flowers - in the last week I have been given lots of roses by friends .... the sort that never wilt! Oh lucky me!
Hope you're all having a good week. Mrs BoboBun and I are off to Holt tomorrow - getting all the final preparations in place for our market. We are so looking forward to the big day! One more week of school before the Christmas holiday begins so a week of market preparations juggling with school events and shows - doesn't it all just come at once?! t.x