I know it's nearly Christmas because....

The beautiful boy spent an afternoon beavering away at the kitschen table making Christmas cards for his classmates....Mrs Bobobun sent me a picture of our Pick 'n' Mix banner which she and hubby put up in Holt today!

Our market continues to get wonderful coverage in the press.. this article came out Friday and included a great write up on two of our lovely makers Emma Mitchell and Lapwing Printworks.
And when I read the January issue of BBC Homes and Antiques magazine there is our home all festive and bright! (of course you all know the pictures were taken on a sweltering day back in August... but Hey! Play along!)
They have done a wonderful 8 pages of lovely pictures - the beautiful boy was utterly delighted to have a full-page picture of his bedroom so a copy had to go into school for show and tell! Mummy was less delighted with yet another picture of herself before the fitness drive really took effect - one of the downsides of all this press coverage is that all the pictures feel terribly out of date! Vanity again! But really - couldn't they just show the house?!
Of course there is one truly surefire way to tell it is nearly Christmas.... The arrival of glitter! I make it a matter of necessity that no-one sits at the kitschen table in December without getting the stuff on their elbows, in their hair, on their chin.... it's everywhere already!
so Christmas must be just around the corner!
And tomorrow I am off to Mrs Bobobuns to have a jolly day sprinkling glitter in her dining room as we prepare some homemade decs for the hall on Saturday! Whooppee! t.xxx


Frances said…
It's great to see this post, and to know about all the creative folks who are showing their creations this holiday season.

And...even if it is strangely out of read time sequence, how wonderful to know that if I remain patient, I will see this fabulous article eventually on the stand at my neighborhood Barnes & Noble. In the States we are usually 3 or 4 weeks behind time.

All the same, let me offer congrats to you, right now! xo
GardenOfDaisies said…
I love the cards that your son has made for his friends! Wow, you are in a magazine! How exciting. Will have to look for you.
Helen said…
Congratulations, it all looks gorgeous!! Am off to purchase said mag now!!
Willow said…
Can't wait to see the magazine artcle! I'm sure it was worth all the hard work of pretending it was Christmas, back in August!! I've also been checking out your house tour on 'Vintage Indie' and it looks fantastic!

By the way, your son is such a star for making his own cards, they look great!

Willow xx
rockinloubylou said…
Homes and Antiques - fantastic, I will have a look for it. Well done. good to see your efforts getting so much coverage. Wish I could be as relaxed as you about glitter though. I make Little R do glitter stuff on a tray so I can try to contain it but really I should be getting into the spirit and liberally sprinkling it round the kitchen!
country mouse xx
Paper Roses said…
I love those cards made by your son, he has your creative gift too...
I had read the article in the magazine without knowing it was your beautiful house, so pretty and such a lovely colours.
Hope you all have a wonderful christmas and i will look forward to popping back to see your new makes often.
A time to dance said…
fantasic...will get the mag and have a good nosey around your home being the nosey parker I am..is it Hazel that did the article?
KC'sCourt! said…
It all looks fantastic. Your home is so beatiful
Niki Fretwell said…
Hi T!
Hope all is well and you are bearing up under the pressure of everything...just wanted to wish you oodles of luck for Saturday. I'm sure it will be a huge success.
Congrats on the H&A article...I shall try to get my copy this week.

Well done to BB on the gorgeous selection of Christmas tree cards...we all know where he gets his creative side from!!

Hope you received my email OK last week...just so you know I'm thinking of you.
Love Niki xx
The Curious Cat said…
Ah congratulations! You must all be very happy! How exciting! And yeahy! Christmas is coming!!!! Bring on the glitter!!!! xxx
The world NEEDS glitter...... well done Beautiful Boy with your creations. Well done mum with regards to the article.... Wishing you every success for your event on Saturday, although I am sure you don't need it! :O)
VintageVicki said…
I have the mag - I remember your blogpost in the summer about the photo session.

Good luck for Saturday - wish Holt was a a tad closer.

Shall miss seeing you & MrsBB @ Woodbridge. Hope your sale goes well.

xx Vicki xx
Ticking stripes said…
Look forward to reading the article. Hope all goes well at the fair.
Anonymous said…
You home looks lovely in H & A. I always send my copy to my son and D in L in France so I will direct them to your blog as well. You've done fantastically well with all your publicity, I hope the Fair at the w/e is a deserved success. Looking forward to seeing you there.
Attic24 said…
Hiya Teena
I have to tell you that you your home looked absolutely smashingly stunningly GORGEOUS in H&A!!!!!
I was soo chuffed as I bought the mag on impulse without realising it was "your" issue, so what a treat to come across those glorious pictures. You have such a beautiful, joyful home, very inspirational indeed.

Lovely to catch up with you, glitter n all :o)
You have an exquisit looking house, I love it! That must have been funny getting all the Christmas decorations out in August! It all looks wonderful.
Your embroideries are really pretty, I have just spent some time having a good look at them.

Good luck on Saturday!
Warm wishes
Isabelle x
silverpebble said…
All the sparkliest and most gorgeously colourful congratulations on the H & A article. Your house looks truly fabulous. Your tree! Your tree! Hurray for Kitschen magic.
Anonymous said…
Aww! can't wait to get my hands on a copy and have a paperly nose around your abode. Maybe I'll come over all Hyacinth Bouquet and proclaim loudly to passers by 'oooh isn't that Teena's house??!'
Good luck a pick'n mixing!!!!
MelMel said…
A great magazine spread, your have such a wonderful home!

I thought you looked lovely in your picture!x
Laura said…
This is the first time I have been on your blog. I love the cards that your son made. I sell cards for living so we could maybe get him a wee job doing that when he is older hehe!
I love that your house is in a magazine, they only put really special homes in there so you must be very proud.
I will be following the blog from now on.
Laura x
BusyLizzie said…
loved the pix of your home in BBC H*A magazine! Lizzie x
Rubyred said…
How wonderful to have your home in a magazine, it looks gorgeous!
I hope your market went well
Your little boy's Christmas cards are lovely!
Hope you and your family have a Wonderful Christmas!
Rachel x
Irene said…
A great welcoming place! Congrats on all the good coverage and a Merry Christmas to you!
rebecca said…
Wow, the pictures of your home look so.....homey!

The glitter, I don't mind seeing it in odd places, as long as it's not in the food or tea!

lemonade kitty said…
I went straight out and bought H&A and I wasn't dissapointed, your home looks so warm and cosy and you did a good job of "playing christmas in August". Lucey xx
Banuca said…
I liked your pages, everythink is wonderful and some of ideas surprised me, I liked your embroideries, lovely. I'll follow you. xxx