Well the man and the boy had an early start for fishing and they were back by mid-morning full of their Fishermen's Tales; it was this big!
I had decided to do a bit of fishing around too, in one of the many blanket chests around the house which need to be organised and sorted through from time to time. Do you remember binca sewing? I love the fabric and colours of childhood sewing. These were grandma's;
These were mine, heaven knows how many years ago!
I especially liked the pink binca - of course!
The beautiful boy has been adding to the family collection. These were worked at 4, 5 and 6 years old. He received an award for one of them!
Did I mention that he got an award for his sewing? That's my boy!
I still love to work stitch samplers, but now I work through different stitch dictionaries creating my own reference pieces.
Pink fabric is still preferred! This time it's aida fabric which I think of as 'binca for grown-ups'!
Tomorrow I shall have the house to myself all day and my little fishing expedition has got my fingers itching to spend it in the workroom. Hope you all had a lovely weekend despite the rain. We have the beautiful boy's birthday barbecue next Saturday with his school friends and their parents- I am forecasting glorious sunshine.... or else! t.xx


Cathy said…
Beautiful stitching, and well done to your son for the award. I love binca, although having done a coaster project with a class of 30 4 & 5 year olds means I am having a little break from it for a while!
Cathy X
MelMel said…
You have given me a great idea for a make with my niece this week.....going to go to the haberdashery tomorrow and get her some binca.....i'd forgotten just how much that is to learn..she will love it!

Have fun tomorrow in your workroom.....hope your not too lonely.....
Weekend here all sunny at times and slight showers!

Linn said…
Oh, I love the stitchwork! Beautiful.
What a beautiful blog you have colorful & happy. Love your stitching. Thanks so much for stopping by for a vist...will add your bloglink to my list so I can visit again.
Ragged Roses said…
It was wonderful to see the photos of your sewing, it has brought back so many memories for me. I loved all the different colour threads we were allowed to use at primary school.
Kitschen Pink said…
Cathy you're a saint! I'm amazed you could bear to look! t.x

MM - have *fun* with your neice too! :-) t.x

Linn - thanks for dropping by so I could find you! t.x

RHC - glad you stopped by and had fun! t.x

RR - and we're still using them now! t.xx
Rosa said…
Love all your stitching! I haven't done any in so long. In fact, a piece I finished last year is waiting to be made into a pin cushion. Now where on earth did I put that? ha.
MelMel said…
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MelMel said…
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Anonymous said…
Your sampler is just devine. I love love love it. Your boy has the crafty bug just like my chickens do.

I am having a giveaway over at my blog.. you are welcome to come over and join in.
xox Nicole
Kali said…
What a lovely collection of all the various binca sewing pieces!
I love all the colours :)
Your samplers are so lovely, you have inspired me to start practising from a stitch dictionary to create my own reference pieces too.
I hope the weather holds out for the birthday bbq, though I'm sure it will be fab regardless.
Great fish by the way...
xo, Kali
p.s. i've put up a new post, if you don't mind checking your google reader, i'd really appreciate it! x
I never heard the term binca (and my mom's family hail from Britain) but I love Aida cloth. Several years back I bought a treasure trove of about 30 pieces in all different shades at a garage sale.

I stored it in my basement and last year when I went to use some, the top pieces had been nibbled by mice. It seems they like the chemical finish!
So nostalgic - wonderful that you have kept the binca embroideries from the three generations.
And the award was well deserved!

(Think my version became a needlecase, which Mum still may have)

Enjoy the time in your workroom,
Niki x
Anonymous said…
Hi. Great to see your 'beautiful boy' enjoys stitching, clever little chap winning that award. I was so inspired by your binca I unearthed mine which I haven't seen for decades. I gave you a quick mention on my blog (hope that's OK). So dull and wet today it was nice to concentrate on stitching. Keep your needles sharpened. Eli
Lottie said…
Never heard of binca - so its lovely for me to see it - and great that BB is following in the family tradition.

How wonderful to have had a grandmother and lots of memories and heirlooms.

Treasures indeed.
BusyLizzie said…
Good morning! Those little stitched pieces (never knew they were called Bincas) really take me back. I will have to delve into a few trunks to see if I still have mine!
Kitschen Pink said…
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Kitschen Pink said…
Hello DET - you're too kind - except about the boy of course - there you are bang on! Thank-you! t.x

Rosa - I do have a big cupboard for of half finished items I'm trying to pretend I they're not there! t.x

Nicole - thanks for the invite!

Hey Kali! I've stocked up on sun-screen for the weekend...

BJ -Naughty mice were probably looking for some threads! t.x

Hi Niki! I bet your mum till has all sorts of things hidden away! t.x

FBP - I've popped in to see - lovely post! t.x

Lottie - it's these little things that are the most important - hence cupboards full of stuff! :-) t.x

BL - happy delving - show us what you find! t.x
I used to love doing binca cross stitch as a child. I made coasters, purses, bookmarks, xmas decorations and a camera case but to name a few.
Miss Hope said…
Where do you girls find the time to be so creative, so talented?
Your stitchery is absolutely divine and I deeply jealous. I am going to eat a some Midget Gems to console myself!
Emily said…
I think it's so great that you're teaching your boy to sew and that you have memories of sewing with your grandma.
My girls both have birthdays this week so we're celebrating with a family party on Saturday too! Let's hope we both have nice weather.
Take Care
Kitschen Pink said…
AM - no binca rucksacks?!

MH - mine's a bag of Tom Thumb Pip's please! t.x

Emily - I'm stocking up on sunscreen! t.x
Sal said…
All so beautiful!The colours are lovely.
These take me right back to primary school ! I remember doing loads of this ;-)