Fossil Detectives

Has anyone seen this great Open University programme? The beautiful boy gets to stay up to watch it for a special treat from time to time... I know, I know, we live dangerously here in Norfolk!
Anyway. We promised that we would go fossilling (is there such a word?) and fossilling we did go!
We raided my old art equipment for suitably archaeology looking tools and we scrambled over rocks at the base of these beautiful cliffs.
We had absolutely no idea what on earth we were looking for. A complete dinosaur skeleton might be nice? A species previously unknown to modern science would be a bonus. Actually we found lots of possible little bits and bobs.You can see something... can't you? Well, never mind! We had huge fun looking...Thank goodness we had a warm stove to come home to!!
...and we're still looking!Hope everyone's having a happy half term! t.xx


Sal said…
What a fascinating subject! (My son would have loved that trip too!)
It's lovely to see that someone so young is already interested in the subject.
Have a good day;-)
dulwichmum said…
We are going to do this really soon. A friend brought my children home some fossilised (is that how you spell that word?) sharks teeth from a trip recently and they are dying to have a try. What a fabulous day out.
thriftymrs said…
Great way to spend a day!
Anonymous said…
I remember going fossil hunting as a child! Brilliant!

How fun! We live in oil country so we got to go dig for fossils on the Union Oil site(which is now houses & golf course!) when we were kids!!

M ^..^
Kitschen Pink said…
Sal - what a pity his parents haven't a clue! t.x

DM - how lovely that someone bought your children dead sharks teeth! The beautiful boy just loves all that kind of stuff! Better than plastic any day! t.x

TMRs - cold way to spend a day!! t.xx

Lucy B - am I the only person who never did this as a child?! t.x

OC - well I hope the golf club doesn't stop you! Go for it! In the main driving range would be great! t.xx
Fancy Elastic said…
ah, fossil hunting is a big part of my childhood... my dad is a geologist and brought it on hols with him... great stuff though, a classicly addictive sport... the perfect fossil is always just around the corner.

Lottie said…
Glad to see that you are having lots of fun during the school holidays - memories to treasure for you both into old age and cold nights.
funkymonkey said…
My son loved fossils and crystals when he was younger. He also used to love Timeteam and would dig in the garden for 'finds' just like Phil, bringing in bits of clay pipe and broken crockery! A lovely post that brings back memories.
what a lovely day out you had :-)
my eldest loves fossil hunting and spent most of our holiday in Dorset on the Jurrasic coast beaches chipping away at rocks! lucky you with your lovely warm stove to come home to :-)
lesley x
Ragged Roses said…
That looks like so much fun, definitely a few dinosaur bits and bobs there! I keep wanting to go to Lyme Regis and go hunting, one day! Sounds like you're having a great half term
Kitschen Pink said…
FE - would your dad like a holiday in Norfolk! We could use the help!! t.x

Lottie - if not even sooner! t.x

FM - oh yes! Time Team have a lot to answer for on our lawn too! t.x

Lesley - the difficulty on really cold days is leaving the stove in the first place! t.x

RR - you are so RIGHT! Lots of bits of dinosaur! Of course there
Definitely a lesser-known pterodactyl fossil you have there!
N x
Kitschen Pink said…
Niki you are so right! I see it now! t.xx