Ghouls, giggles and general mayhem!

The Aga was not feeling quite itself this morning! A spooky addition to my tea-towel collection sent from our American friends in time for Halloween...along with some of these very curious but very yummy things!
Oh we love Halloween and we miss our friends so very much!! Undaunted, we decided to keep up all the traditions we enjoyed with them in years before. Cookies were baked,
Pumpkin faces were drawn, pondered over and adapted before being cut (mummy wields the knife!),Place cards were decorated,
Pumpkins were found glowing in curious places,
The stage was set!
Witches and ghouls began to arrive and this cute little devil was so happy when finally the mayhem began!
We played musical ghouls, pin the tail on the rat,We had a hysterical time with lots of loo paper playing the 'mummy game' (don't ask!),
and the little ones had a lovely daring time thinking up an ingredients list for the 'Witches Cauldron' (think 'Granny's shopping basket'); "In my cauldron to make my spell I put....". Bat's blood, bogies and boy's smelly socks were amongst my faves!
After a trip out into the crisp dark autumn night for Trick or Treating at our lovely neighbour's, we came home to a supper of curly worms in bat's blood.
The beautiful boy had a lovely time full of new memories for a happy halloween.
And then we phoned across the Atlantic;
"Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat! Give us something good to eat!"
Just the way they taught us!Happy Halloween everyone! t.x


Happy Spooky Halloween to you!
clare Carter said…
Wonderful!! Happy Halloween to you Can we come next year......pleeeeease : ))xx
Willow said…
Oh, what a fantastic Halloween party! Reminded me of the years we spent living in Canada, where everyone decorates their houses, as they do in the States - wonderful fun!
Willow x
thriftymrs said…
Looks like you had a really good time. I like you Hallowe'en bits n bobs.
MelMel said…
Lovely spooky fun!
I'm just resting! been a busy girly!

Your blog is always fab!xx
Michelle said…
Wow - what a great party it must have been! The dining room looks brilliant!
Libbys Blog said…
Sounds like lots of fun was had by all!!!
Lottie said…
Glad you had such a spooky time.
It looks like your littlies had a wonderful time! Love the mummy :0)
Kitschen Pink said…
Diane - thank-you! t.x

CC - the more the spookier! Great idea! But only if you bring some of your halloween buns! t.xx

W - our American friends had a graveyard scene on their front porch! HA! t.x

TMrs - oh we certainly did! t.x

MM - Arrrgh! You made me jump! :-) t.xx

M - do you mean the spooky castle?! t.x

LB - well a party's not a party if the grown up's can't have fun too! t.x

L - thank-you! t.x

HintheC - I love that mummy too! t.x
Hen said…
Your Halloween decorations are fab. What a great time you must have had!

Hen x
What a fabby party!
Glad that the rats were caught in time for the spooky evening!!

Jaywalker said…
We did the loo roll game last year, but my mother in law bought such crappy cheap loo roll it kept breaking. No matter, it was even more hilarious like that.
Great ghost biscuits! Last year I also did bi-coloured Mexican day of the dead skulls, but then I had a nervous breakdown. I was not allowed to celebrate this year.