In love with Moo!

It is not often I get excited about customer service. Most often I am known to be grumbling about the total lack of it. Bewailing the fact that in a sea of choice there is often not one company with whom I would willlingly choose to spend my money! But I have found one! I love you!! Great products, great prices, great service! A hat-trick!
Oh I'm very excited!! They have a print technology that allows you to have as many images as you have copies of something. So if you order 100 cards - you can have 100 images! How cool is that! On Wednesday I placed my orders on line - it was all terribly simple (I had pre-cropped and sized my images in iPhoto). I then had 2 hours to prevaricate and faff about and generally arrive back at my original choices before they become unchangeable!
I received an 'order acknowledgment' and then an 'order dispatched' email. Nothing else. No junk. No 'buy more buy more'. Just emails to tell me what I wanted to know. On FRIDAY! Yes FRIDAY! My beautiful, gorgeous, crispy perfect postcards arrived, in a neat little folder and with a natty index print.
On SATURDAY!! the Moo mini text cards arrived (these little cards are for my gorgeous hubby). Oh aren't they just edible?! All snug in their own little recycled plastic box.
Both packages arrived by First Class post with a pre-paid returns label in case of any problems.
Now that's what I call service. I'm already plotting all sorts of exciting print runs for Christmas prezzies! Oh I'm very very excited! Thought I'd share it with you too! t.x


Sounds brilliant I will have to check them out.

I posted on the fantastic customer service of the on-line giant that is Amazon yesterday, perhaps we bloggers should set up a customer service award for excellent service.

I love moo too - I think I will order postcards to send from our holls - much nicer than the ones you buy which cost a bomb ! Thanks for the tip - I want some stickers to please the child in me!! I find fotobox raly good too - I made notebooks for my department with silly pictures of us on them!
I've been meaning to use Moo for absolutely ages. Thanks for the great review - will definitely be using for Christmas presents! I've used Photobox for photo books before, and am about to use Bob Books for our wedding album - only a year and a bit in the making. Ahem. Have a great weekend. Cx
Hi T,
Yes, have heard a lot of good said about moo....good for them!
I have used 'snapfish' for printing regular photos - they were good too.

Love your postcards
Niki x
lottie said…
Moo are brill aren' they
Kitschen Pink said…
HITC- go for it! t.x

C&B I'm trying very hard to justify some stickers! t.x

DN - ONLY a year?! I'm impressed! t.x

Niki - thank-you sweetie t.x

Lottie - they certainly are! t.x