Seaside signs

Oh I just love these signs. So cheerful and all my favourite colours!
Who needs computer generated graphics when you can have jolly signs full of wonky lines and sparkly stars?
Not difficult to guess where we've been.
Loving the autumn sunshine and ignoring the cold easterly wind, just one last ice-cream along the promenade before winter.
Some candy floss and a hot donut
Then off around the coast to Wells for hot chocolate with Baileys and giant pancakes on board here!
We've got plans for Halloween but we are missing our American friends this year. I have my own wonky sign over the stove to keep them close every day!
Now, does anyone know if it's half past 11pm, half past midnight or Half past 1am. I have absolutely no idea when summertime ends!


Sal said…
I love the area where you live, it's beautiful.Love the seaside signs too ! ;-)
Josie-Mary said…
I like the signs, I love going to the seaside out of season & hot donuts.....yummy!! What do you have planned for Halloween??
I'm not sure what time it is....went to bed early as I felt unwell now I've woken up at 4.15!!! :( x
Lark said…
LOVE these signs, they make me homesick for hols on the Norfolk coast!

Hen said…
Love these retro pinky signs. I have a longing for the seaside now... Apparently, the clocks went back at 2am, not that it shall matter to you now! I'm now wondering if the time on the laptop is right, is it 7:30 or 8:30? Ah well...
Hen x
What lovely signs they are fab!!
Meander said…
Ok, so now you have another yank friend! Just found your blog via Attic 24 and absolutely adore every pretty bit of it!
I'm adding you to my blog roll. Can't wait to read more!
LOVE the photos T!
Can't wait to see some of those signs for real....very soon!
And you'll have to tell me where to buy the hot chocolate and Baileys!!

Niki x
Lottie said…
Great signs - and sadly summertime is over - you must have missed it.
Lily and Agathe said…
Love them, I have started taking similar ones in french ! great minds and all that when I have enough I shall post. xx
Great about the tutorial, when you want xx
Gina said…
Oh you are right, those signs are so cute!
thriftymrs said…
Oh how I love Hunstanton. I used to go there with my Grandma and couisns as a child. Those signs are full of jolly goodness.
Sadie said…
A fellow East Anglian. (I'm in Suffolk).
Nice to meet you. It's always a realy treat to meet a fellow Brit. If you would like to have an invite to my blog, please email me and I'll send you an invite. (email address

Have a lovely Monday. It's sunny with a dash of cloud here today, a perfect Autumn day. :O)
Anonymous said…
Great signs!! Pink is so cheery! I crave the seaside - your lucky its so close to you, i'm off to Norfolk at the weekend, so the Broads will have to do. Hope it's nice autumn sunshine!!

Lucy x
Kitschen Pink said…
Sal - we love being here! t.x

JM al will be revealed t.x

L Oh Honey come visit! t.x

Hen - glad I'm not the only one who has clock muddle! t.x

C&B Aren't they! t.x

M welcome!

Niki ...Wahey!!!! t.x

L Oh not really! We had a good one! tx

L&A - Look forward to seeing yours! t.x

G - cute's the word! t.x

S Welcome

Lucy b. Broads is good too!! t.x
BusyLizzie said…
love the signs!
I have some fairground piccies of signs that I took in the summer.. so great minds think alike!
Have fun when you see Niki.
liz x