Sleepy Smiles

Those of you with Google reader might have seen this already but I had problems getting the video to load! Being such a techie phobic, my solution was to delete the post and try again another day - 9 times out of ten that actually works!! Hurrah!!
This was the beautiful boy's impromtu rehearsal for school's Harvest Festival. The picture quality is not great as the sun was not up yet! We have to start the day very early in this household! But I thought I'd do as the poem says....

I'm just passing this beautiful smile around the world!
Happy Harvest everyone.


SCRUMPTIOUS! certainly made me smile!

Michele xx
Gail :) said…
He is super cute! I love the shouts at the end, certainly made me smile today :)
Mom/Mum said…
fab - made me smile on a rainy day!
Donna said…
Oh sweet sweet boy. Thanks for sharing. :-)
Ragged Roses said…
Oh that is so infectious! He is gorgeous!
Well done for remembering that long poem - what a genius!

Can't wait to meet your little cutie-pie! ;-))
Niki x
clare Carter said…
Wonderful!!!!!!! So cute and cheeky and what a great job he did.Poetry week was a few weeks ago for us here and the little ones do such gorgeous recitals don't they : ) Where are you that you are all up in the dark or is that just the joy of an English nearly winter??xxbtw-how on earth did you attach it?I have always given up short of tossing poor laptop off the roof : )
Anonymous said…

A wonderful start to any day me thinks. Thankyou for sharing.

xox Nicole
Oh how delightful.

I adore the poem - he is so cute!!

I have been infected :).
Lark said…
That is SO beautiful!

Allison x
Kitschen Pink said…
Thank-you everyone! I am now a suitably glowing wiht pride mother! t.xx

Clare - you're right of course. We get going at 6am and it's very gloomy! Clocks go back tonight though (at least I think they do!) so we get a brief reprieve!

re. video attachment - I have no idea! Just wait for ages and if ages and ages and ages isn't enough have a cuppa and try again tomorrow!
aromatic said…
He is sooooooo cute!! He did the poem so well!!
Have a great weekend!!!
Jane xxx
claire said…
He is gorgeous!
the flour loft said…
adorable... thank you beautiful boy for passing on smiles to us! ginny and the girls x