Something sad, something glad

It is officially Autumn here in the UK! And with Autumn comes cosy afternoons in front of the stove. Jigsaw puzzles have been collected all year and this one was especially exciting!
I suppose 5 pieces isn't so bad, but it's always a bit sad when you can't quite complete the picture. I wonder where they went? Under a sofa 50 years ago I expect!
But we still have plenty of reasons to be glad! Lots more puzzles to do, lots of leaves to kick around
But best of everything, when we come home, the Aga is finally back on and we can boil a kettle on the hob, keep our toast warm with melty butter and dry out all those wet socks and muddy trousers!
Hurrah for Autumn!
Hope you all have a lovely week. t.xx
Thank-you to everyone who asked about my pink 'keep calm'. I had been looking for one for ages and gave up, scanned a red one, adapted it to just the right shade of kitschen pink and had them printed myself! Where there's a will.....t.x


MelMel said…
I love your AGA.....oh how cosy!
Where did you get the fab KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON poster?
Its fab!

We went to the park today....leaves were soggy....but was still fun!
thriftymrs said…
I love jigsaw puzzles but haven't done one for years.
Your kitchen is beautiful. I am hugely jealous. Lol!
Sal said…
Love the jigsaw..especially that one! And oh to have an Aga!! ;-)
Anonymous said…
I love Autumn but I also love your kitchen!!! Very jealous!!!! Glad you are enjoying the season...

Lucy x
Hen said…
We love those old Victory wooden jigsaws, and my how we'd like that one with a steam train on! Looks like it's going along the Devon coast, a lovely journey. Very envious of your Aga for general toastiness and beauty but not sure about cooking on it? Are you a convert to Aga cooking?
Hen x
I wish I could get Mr Bicolage to do nice vintage jigsaws he insists on those awful three dimensional ones which make huge buildings - like Notre Dame he never finishes them and then hoards/hides the boxes in his study. Which brings me to probably the next post on my blog - he is making something in there and Polly and I are too afraid to peep in and see what it is - a boys toy I bet and one that takes up tons of room and that is very very ugly!!
Josie-Mary said…
Lovely puzzle & kitchen, how cosy. We sometimes play board games - nice to do something other then watching TV :) x
Carie said…
Yippee for autumn indeed - the air is starting to get that gentle nip that makes it fun to snuggle down into woolies
Your Aga is just so fab and diddy. How perfect! My grandparents had a wonderful duck egg blue one when I was little. So toasty and warm. C x
Lily and Agathe said…
Looks lovely and cosy, happy half term x
Kitschen Pink said…
MM - see my note above! t.x

TMrs - go buy jigsaws! they're so infectious! t.x

S - oh we love our aga! t.x

H - see above! t.x

C&B - I find if we start a jigsaw in a prominent place in the sitting room soon everyone joins in! Naughty Mr Bicolage! t.x

JM - and how!

C - ahh lovely! I'm off to snuggle! t.x

L&A - Thank-you! You too t.x
We enjoy jigsaw puzzles, too. Mostly we do them on lazy summer days in our screened back porch. Thanks for sharing your wonderful autumn photos. I love your Aga and the pretty aqua cabinet (my favorite color)!