The trouble with the Royal Mail....

Have you ever had a moan about the post? Have you complained about vanishing letters or torn and bashed parcels? Well, this morning I cycled to a nearby post box which is a few miles from home but on the main road.
It should get collected earlier than the one at the top of our lane so it was worth the trip.
I cycled past beautiful views, watched deer and a kestrel, but I think I have discovered a fundamental issue with our postal service....
... because this is all I found!
Someone, somewhere has a very big dent in their front bumper and that's the trouble with the Royal Mail where we live!
The beautiful boy is checking the box every night on the way home from school in case anyone actually tries to post a letter! I just hope the box is replaced, they sometimes let them quietly vanish! t.x


Kay said…
Round bales in the fields are some of my favorite sights. Newly cut alfalfa hay is one of my favorite smells, even if it makes me sneeze.

I'm wondering what is baled in your photo? Wheat straw? The stubble looks like wheat or oats.

Enjoying your blog. :o)
MrsL said…
Oh dear.............makes a good photo though :) I should think it'll be replaced soon - the postie emptying must have told them, when he next went to get the mail from it. Surely? :)
Hen said…
Ah, I love to see a golden field full of hay bales. When did they become round though, hay bales were always rectangles when I was "young"!
Hen x
Hi T,
Makes for a very sad photo doesn't it?
Hope it gets replaced soon...

Although we also live in the country, the nearest post box to us is actually right outside our house! It used to be the village post office (about 14 years ago) so there the box has stayed.

Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x

The other question is what sort of speed was someone doing to go that sort of damage to the post box! Some people treat country roads a race tracks.

Lovely surroundings to at least you could enjoy those on your cycle there.

Kitschen Pink said…
K - They are a very lovely sight - like giant licorice alsorts! t.x

Mrs L - good grief! I wonder if he had to collect it all from the fields around! t.x

Hen - you can't have been young before me and they've been round up here as long as I can remember! Maybe it's a Norfolk thing? t.x

Niki- How wonderfully convenient! When our friend converted a post office the P.O. demanded the box was removed so it became a kitchen cupboard - but people still put mail in their letterbox! t.x

Hin the C or were they just being dozy on their way to work on a misty morning? t.x
dottyspots said…
I agree it makes a good photo, but rather annoying though!

We have one postoffice left in our village, t'other one was closed a while ago. It would be really difficult if the remaining one closed.
Em said…
I was actually planning to post letters in this postbox on the way home from shopping this morning too. If only I'd have read your blog before I went I'd have taped a letter inside for the BB to find on his way home from school tomorrow. Did you see the baby chicks racing around the road at this spot too? Very cute. Hopefully they won't come to the same end that the postbox has.
Em x