Did you notice? Just for a moment there, we managed to escape. The beautiful boy had a delightful weekend at Hotel Grandma and we went for a walk in the woods. Along the boardwalk,
to the windswept beauty that is Holkham beach.
It was so windy I could hardly hold the camera steady. And cold, it was very, very cold. A strong North Easterly always has an impact on Norfolk's coast.
We have been visiting our favourite bolt holes at the coast for nearly 20 years together now. We don't get there so often as we'd like, and of course usually we visit with the beautiful boy. But once a year we try to find a weekend to get away on our own, walking, bird-watching, reading the Sunday papers, eating superb meals at Byfords, The George or The White Horse. And maybe even drinking a bit more than our hectic schedules usually allow - more brisk walks to recover from that unfamiliar hangover feeling!
The Deerpark was beautiful on this crisp, cold Autumn morning.
Of course there was a bit of shopping. Around all of our favourite Antiques sellers and of course Big Blue Sky - does anyone visit North Norfolk without shopping this amazing store?
Those amazing signs are by Andy Povey - take a look!
And just a little thrifting, but not too much, hubby needed to enjoy the weekend too!
Back into the fray this week and no idea where time is going. More soon. t.x
( P.S. dinner plate: T. G. Green, Fleur - 20p!! Yes, 20p!)


beck said…
How lovely to have some time to pause, relax and enjoy things at your own pace. Love big blue sky, how wonderful!
Sal said…
Lovely pics. Is that the same Holkham where there is or was a pottery? (I have some pottery from Holkham,which was given to me years ago.)
Libbys Blog said…
We spent many a happy holiday in Suffolk with family but I really would like to explore Norfolk more, especially after popping over here!
I am having a give away on my blog if you would like to pop over. :o)
Hi T,
So glad that you both enjoyed your weekend away and had the switch-off time. You deserved it!
Love the sign post outside 'Big Blue Sky' - more work by that fantastic artist, I suspect.

And 20p. Well I visited all the charity shops in Diss when I was in Norfolk recently - but no 20p bargains there! You obviously have some secret shopping destinations!

Hope BB had a wonderful time with Grandma,
Niki x
Kitschen Pink said…
Beck - wonderful and windswept! t.x

Sal- sadly the pottery closed in September 2007, the end of an era; although I did buy some of those classic Holkham mugs in a perfect shade of pink! Happy memories. t.x

LB - I always think Norfolk is a million miles from Suffolk! Definitely worth a trip across the border! t.x

Niki - Andy Povey's work is amazing. Take a look at his site- t.x (p.s. BB was spoiled to bits - perfect! x)
carolyn said…
My husband adores Holkham beach the kids and I are more Brancaster babes.