Felt tip pen heaven!

My lovely niece has turned 16! How did that happen?! A moment ago she was the cutest little button I ever did meet. Now she is a beautiful and self-assured young lady who is contemplating her options at college! We bought her some gifts. Things we hoped she'd like. But I wanted to do something a bit personal and special to mark what is really the end of her childhood.

I wanted to help her capture the moment. All those memories that so quickly slip away when all of a sudden they are 'grown ups'.

I have recently discovered a lovely blog called Freckled Nest. Take a look and be inspired (and if you're quick you can enter her giveaway)! I love that Leigh -Ann and her circle of blog friends create beautiful journals which do exactly what I wanted.
So I got out my most precious felt tip pen sets (strictly no children unless under adult supervision - I know - mean old me!)
And I started to play, with ideas, with words and with pictures and colour....
25 pages later I stopped. It was midnight and I had whiled away a thoroughly enjoyable evening thinking about a beautiful girl whom we love very much, making her a journal which would hopefully inspire her to capture a moment at the end of her childhood.
Now that's my idea of fun!


Gem said…
What a lovely idea :) So personal and thoughtful, I'm sure she will love it
What a fantstic idea...Polly has some of tose very special artist felt tips...that Mumy can't us!!! your comment on my blog made me giggle...thank you ..have a lovely week sweetie...love and hugs H
krafty girl said…
thats such a fab idea,so pretty and thoughtful...
i would have loved to have recieved that.

The sewing room said…
What a great idea my daughter Lauren turns 15 at the beginning of March and my son Sam turns 17 at the end of March I just might have to copy your idea if that is okay
best wishes Pat
Josie-Mary said…
How beautiful.... I wish I had one when I was 16... I wonder what it would have said?? It'll be great to look back when shes older. Excellent present :)
Hen said…
That's a really nice idea, I'm sure she'll be very chuffed.
So glad I'm not the only parent who has a ban on felt tips unless used in presence of an adult - and even then they must be washable- the pens that is! But I do love using my big set of felt tips I use for my "Beautiful Doodles" book. You're never too old for colouring in!
Hen x
Kitschen Pink said…
Gem - Oh I do hope so! t.x

C&B - Perhaps Polly could draw you a journal! t.x

KG - me too! t.x

Sewing room - it's an organic idea - I think you'll find, like me, that once you get started you'll go off in your own direction fairly soon! Sam might prefer less pink too!:-)t.x

J-M - won't it be fun in 20 years time! Oh to have one! t.x

Hen - actually the beautiful boy does have felt tips, loads of them, and flourescent markers - just not MINE! HA! t.x
Hen said…
Flourescent markers too. Steady on there...
Kitschen Pink said…
Oh we live dangerously here! In our previous abode he was allowed to draw on the floor and walls with a permanent marker - but it was only a caravan! Thankfully, at only 3, he understood that the floor and walls in our new house were more precious! Phew! t.x
Shannon said…
What a clever, thoughtful gift. We have three family friends graduating this spring, and I have been pondering a thoughtful (yet economic) present. Do you mind if I borrow your idea?
Kitschen Pink said…
Shannon - go for it! t.x
Shabby Chick said…
That's beautiful, what a gorgeous idea! By the way I'm not sure if I've commented on your blog before or not (I've certainly had a nose before!) but if I haven't helloooo and it's lovely :)

Mel xxx
Kitschen Pink said…
SC - welcome and helloooo to you too! t.x
Lark said…
Ooh, what a lovely Auntie you are, Miss T! This is so special.
Loved your sense of freedom and spontaneity! x Cathy
Anonymous said…
That is such a fab and thoughtful idea!!!!!!

oooo how lovely - what a nice auntie you are !!!
Lesley x
thriftymrs said…
Gosh what a lovely idea. My cousin turns 16 in August and would love something like this.
Julie said…
What a wonderfully thoughtful gift. Lucky girl to have such a great aunt. It's the kind of gift that's extra special, as there's not only the instant fun of completing it, but in years to come will be a fabulous reminder to her, both of who she was at that stage in her life, and of you.
LissyLou said…
This is a really lovely idea! x
Happy Birthday to Ami!
What and loving and thoughtful Auntie she has! I'm sure she will love it T!
Niki x
lottie said…
What a great journal - I just love them.

It is so rewarding making something - One gets as much fun making it, and pleasure at giving it, as the recipient.

In fact at times I think more so
Thats a lovely idea.
Kitschen Pink said…
Lark - thank-you sweetie! t.x

MM - that'll be the felt tips! t.x

Lucy B - thank-you! t.x

Lesley - that happens when you have lovely neices and nephews don't you think?! t.xx

TMrs - go for it - just get a cheap blank pad and some scrummy felt tips and doodle away! t.x

LL - thank-you t.x

Niki - oh I hope so. She does appreciate little things and we do love her so much! t.xx

Lottie - everyone should pop over and take a look at your journal for your opposite number grandparents, you wise owl! t.xxx

THM - thank-you t.x
So original what a creative mind!!!! I love it.
Shannon said…
Just had to pop back over and let you know I gave you the "Lemonade Award" on my blog. You brighten my day from your corner of the world!
Kitschen Pink said…
WFC - thank-you. Creative is good - meandering day-dreamer just doesn't have the same ring to it! HAHA! t.x

S - thank-you honey, I'll be right over. t.x
prettyshabby said…
This is so lovely T, how wonderful will it be to look back at what she filled the book with in many years time. x
krafty girl said…
there is an award for you on my blog =)

Kitschen Pink said…
PS - can you imagine doing that? I'd rather not but Ami is much more level headed than I ever was at 16! t.xx

KG -thank-you honey! I'll pop over and I really must catch up on my thank-yous! t.x
Vintage Tea said…
What a lovely gift... I know I would have loved something like that.

Victoria xx
Libby said…
What a stunning idea, thank you so much for sharing it with us
fiftiesgirl said…
What a lovely gift.
I have special felt tips just for me too!!!
Kitschen Pink said…
VT- my lovely swap partner! I'm soooo excited! t.x

Libby - It was my pleasure! t.x

fifties girl - good for you! t.x
Sarah said…
That's such a beautiful idea. I hope I remember to do one for E in 13 years time!