Making History

So, on our long drive home from school yesterday, we were able to hear President Obama take his oath. The beautiful boy did not want to listen to the ceremony or the speech.
"Mummy I'm really not interested. Can I have the iPod?"
So I gently explained to my little 7 year old man, born just days before 9/11, that this was a moment of history being made. History in his lifetime and that, one day, when he was a big man who was interested in politics, I would remind him that he quietly listened to President Obama introduce himself to the world.
And so he listened. To the whole speech. Quietly. And when it was over he turned to me and he said
"Mummy, if it's all so good why are you crying?"

Of course as soon as we got home we called North Carolina to share in their hope and happiness.
The beautiful boy spoke to his dear friend.
You need to know this friend has a very cute little sister.
What follows is the side of the conversation that I was able to hear.

"Hello. I like your new president....How much snow? ..... She ate it? You mean just a biscuit snowman don't you? ...A real one? ...She ate it all? ....Cool!

Like I said. History being made.

This week I have been sent two more awards! Thank-you so much to Buffy and Shabby Chick who both sent me this little lady! Very kind of you both.And now, at last, I would like to present a couple of awards of my own!!
The first one is my Laugh Out Loud Award.

I am presenting this to two blogs which, no matter what my mood, can always reduce me to fits of laughter. Huge guffaws which scare my family and induce tuts and harumphs if I happen to interrupt something gripping like Top Gear, Scrap Heap Challenge or a Bear Grylls Adventure. Imagine! Well, you try reading them without a good giggle bubbling out!!
I am awarding it to.......

Thank-you ladies. You've made my wrinkles deeper but I wouldn't have it any other way!

The rules of this award are that you don't have to mention it nor display it on your blog. Nor do you have to link back to me, but if you would like to, that's fine. You don't have to pass it on to anyone but if you know someone who deserves it, then go ahead and share the fun! The only thing you should really do is open some bubbly to celebrate and have an extra glass for me! x

Onto my next award; The Scrummy Eye Candy Award!

I have to be careful around colour. It makes me impulsive. When out shopping I am often in danger of buying anything at all if it's just the right shade of pink. Colours can make my heart skip a beat and colour is what I spend hours playing with in my workroom! For all these reasons I would like to present this award to two very special blogs which I visit for a regular visual kick! I am always sure in the knowledge that I'll see something so beautiful it will make my heart smile.
I'm sure many of you know them already, but stop by again. Make your heart smile too, just for a moment in your busy day. I am awarding it to.......

Thank-you both for all the colour. You make my days brighter!

The rules of this award are to enjoy it as above. I wish I could send you the real sweeties too, but they just vanished...!!
Instead, keeping a promise made last week, the pictures that follow are for you Lucy. Here are some of my china flowers (and Vanessa, I know you'll love them too!)
I can't believe I have such a fragile collection.
They all live under glass so I don't have to dust them...
I'm so clumsy they just wouldn't survive!
So, that's all for today. Sorry I've been away so long. I'll be back soon. I think it's time for an upholstery update! And maybe you'd like to see some of my recent thriftings? Oh have I got treats to share!
Enjoy the rest of your week. t.x
Of course if any of my lovely followers or subscribers would like to pass these awards around then go ahead! The more laughter and eye candy going around the better I say! t.xx


Bobo Bun said…
Even the awards look gorgeous, bet they'll love them.

Can I copy you as you seem far more sensible than me? My floral brooches are all over the house and some were left in a dish after being photographed. Tonight I picked up the cloth under them quickly and one smashed on the floor. I spent a while kicking myself. So now I know what to do and how to avoid dusting, put everything under glass.
thriftymrs said…
I was in tears on Tuesday too.

Your photos are always so cheery and pretty. Lovely awards too.
Anonymous said…
Darling friend, you made my day. Thank you so much for your kind words. I love hearing about your baby boy (just a couple of months older than mine).


beck said…
Your awards are's so good to have laughter and colour in our lives. x
If that china collection was mine, it would HAVE to be under glass to stop me dribbling all over it. Wow! So very, very wantable. x Cathy
Emily said…
I was lucky enough to get to watch the inauguration on a big screen projector at work. Wanted to cry, but held it in due to all the Republican men standing around! It was just so… WONDERFUL!
Congrats on the awards! I love the awards you designed and the "no strings attached" rules. That's what an award should be. Can't wait to check those blogs out. You always find great places to visit.
Take care!
It's so interesting to hear about Obama's affect on the rest of the world. Thanks for sharing your drive home, your son's wonderful phone conversation, and your beautiful china flowers.
shell said…
You always manage to make me smile, thank you x
Attic24 said…
oh wow, I am a tad overwhelmed!! What a beautiful award, thank you so very very much teena, truly appreciated. I will certainly share it on my blog and pass it on, thankyou.
And those flowers ooooooeeeeeee so scrumptious and pretty-pretty! I adore them. I looked in my charity shops today for more but no luck, I will keep searching. I want a whole china garden like yours!
have a lovely day, and thankyou for cheering me so much today
vanessa said…
Ooooohhh! Thanks Teena, what a lovely thing to get, especially from you, because I love your blog.............. I get my colour fix from you! I just had a read of 'belgian waffle', isn't she a hoot! Thank you so much for recommending her blog, like you, I think I'm going to be letting off ear-piercing screeches of laughter on a regular basis when I read her blog, just fantastic!
Thanks again for the award................ it's thrilling, and so flattering............ and so encouraging.................. xxx
vanessa said…
P.s. Forgot to say in my comment that the brooches are beautiful.................... I must admit, I have some too, and they're not really to be worn, just loved and admired................. good idea to put them under glass.
Jaywalker said…
Thank you so much my darling. That is the BEST looking award ever. It matches the charm my sister got me for Christmas and everything.

Lovely KP readers - it's not beautiful like here over at mine. It's full of moths and squalor and tortoise genitals. So, um, you might want to stay here and look at gorgeous biscuits.
Kitschen Pink said…
BBB - anything to reduce housework is good with me! t.x

TMrs - thank-you sweetie. Glad to hear I'm not the only soppy moo! Hope is such a powerful feeling. t.x

DM - you're very welcome sweetie! t.xx

Beck - what else is there?!

MM - take that 'laugh out loud' award and stick it on your blog! You had me in hysterics with this vision of drool! t.x

Emily - oh sweetie Republican men - I should think they wanted to cry too!! t.x

Susan - of course we Brits can hijack any occasion and make it our own! :-) t.x

Shell - that's so nice! thank-you! t.x

Lucy - quick - crack open the bubbly whilst the builders are out of the house! (don't want them thinking you drink champagne all the time!) t.x

Vanessa - what a pair of colour junkies we are! Glad you enjoyed BW. t.x

JW / BW! Honey I should design another award - for the first ever mention of genitals on my blog! Now, where can I look for the right picture....I'm off to google..
Laughed and cried reading your post T.. I think your beautiful boy is priceless... words of wisdom from one so young.
I too cried listening to B Obama.. so many hopes and dreams rest with him..
So sorry I have not replied to your lovely email.. I was pooterless for two weeks.. finally clawing my way back in to Blogland...
Like what I see!!!
MelMel said…
Thank you for the lopvely comment....
I'm feeling much more myself....nice to be back on here, my eyes are still awful, but I'm now booked to see someone....and the sun is out, today is a good day!
xxx the china cheerful!xx
Shannon said…
Love your beautiful, always blooming flowers. I am off to check out the blogs you awarded... I can always use a giggle, and love the yummy eye candy pics.
Hi T!
Bless your BB!

Love the idea of your new awards, clever you.

And your china flower collections are stunning. Don't they look scrummy all grouped together like that? Such a wonderful photo. One for the TV exclusive postcards I think! ;-))

Have a wonderful weekend,
Niki x
Sal said…
Great post and fab blog. I love colour too...your china flowers are wonderful ;-)