What did I achieve so far this year?

Am I the only one who takes the whole of January to get going after the festivities are over? Maybe I'm on Chinese time so I'll be wishing you all a Happy New Year on the 26th? I am sure I'm not the only one who noticed a complete lack of craftiness around here lately? Sorry about that. I'm working on it. Maybe next year I'll show you...the Chinese one!
In the meantime I promised some thrifting finds! Well, there has been yards and yards of lovely fabric, some pretty braid and that bag. I love that bag!
More fabric, of course. And buttons, obviously.
And can you spot the new arrivals here on my workroom shelves?
I'll show you in a mo. But first the upholstery progress!
Week one the chair was stripped of all the broken grotty old stuff. The rexine (faux leather) was a great tatty look, but the webbing was all rotten.
Ta Da! Look! New webbing!
Hessian and back tacking - didn't have to do that last time!
The Tom Jone's chest hair is back. This time I had to create a roll all around the edge which will raise the sides of the seat to make it more in proportion with the frame.
Did you spot my trusty tack puller? I got to use that a lot again, and again, and again!
But then look at those lovely rolls ?
Then onto stuffing ties...
...did I mention those rolls all neat and even around the edge? Yep! I'm chuffed!
And did you spot the new pretties on display? Just 50p each languishing on the shelf were these two little dogs!
Aren't they just the cutest? Look at that precious little tilted flower!
Want a closer look? OK.
Yep! I'm in love! Hope you're all enjoying the weekend. t.x


Shannon said…
Lucky you, finding those cute little dogs! And I love your happy workroom shelf; just looking at all of those colors is inspiring. As for the chair - very impressive! I hope you post the finished product, too.
GeorgiaPeachez said…
I'm so jealous of your upholstery skills. As an avid sewer, upholstery seems like an easy step up, but not really. Quite an advanced set of skills required so I'm quite jealous! Love the figurines, so sweet!! xo, suzy
The Rose Room said…
I would be in love with them also! Rachaelxo
kitschen, i so love your site - it's so busy and colourful and feels so happily industrious. i think you are very clever.
Shabby Chick said…
Oh I'm very envious of your thrifty finds, gorgeous! You're very talented to re-upholster that chair like that, hope we see the final result!

Mel xxx
bekimarie said…
Ooooh, I love that bag and what great books on your shelf.
Take care
Beki xxx
Great post: just one thing: Tom Jones chest hair: where do you source it? Sainsburys? Does it come in a can? Ha! X Cathy
alex brooks said…
Upholstery? I have DIY envy. You go, girl.
The sewing room said…
You are a very talented lady l love every thing you do well done .
Best wishes Pat
Kitschen Pink said…
Ah, Shannon - the finished product takes time, lots of it... I'm veeerryyy slow! t.x

GP - nope - no skill here. Completely reliant upon a superb tutor telling me what to do and then telling me to do it again because I did it all wrong! t.x

RR - you have such good taste! t.x

RM - you're very kind sweetie! You're not half clever yourself! t.xxx

SC - see above re. timeframe and level of talent! HA! t.x

BM - should I use it for a handbag? Seems a shame to keep it for crafting methinks! t.x

MM - well from Tom of course! :-) t.x

AB - I'm trying! But the 'go' is slow! t.x
Kitschen Pink said…
Sewing room we overlapped! Welcome and thank-you kindly! t.xx
The sewing room said…
My daughter said it means that as well,l suppose its where you are from just glad l know now before l make another silly ass of myself.

Anonymous said…
I always struggle with motivation through January. LOVE the new chair, especially the rolls :)) I also really like the pink bowls in your first pic!!

The dogs are adorable and a steel at 50p!

You had some good finds! Your little shelves look so very sweet!
thriftymrs said…
So many pretties to feast upon!
I am in awe of your lovely neat edges/rolls..the shere perfection of them is making me twitch with pleasure and admiration...you are the upholstery Goddess...I am not worthy...(for this line imagine me on my knees bowing..then needing a winch up by Mr B....I got down on my knees in Borders recently to look at the bottom shelf...not the top...and I didnt think I was ever going to get back up again...)
KirstyFish said…
just discovered your blog - loving it x off to have a nosy in your etsy shop now!!!
Kitschen Pink said…
Lucy B - oh those pink plastic bowls! Aren't they so yummy? They're a permanent fixture on my work table! t.x

CCC - the little shelves are getting a tad too full! (and they need dusting but shhh. Don't tell anyone! t.x

Tmrs - jolly good! Feast away! t.x

C&B - you need to meet my upholstery tutor - he will disuade you of your illusions - and what are you doing kneeling before you've checked for an exit route! t.x

KF - have fun. thank-you for stopping by! t.x
Those doggies are just soooo sweet I am very jealous. Jane xx
Tant Grön said…
Wow! That purple fabric is absolutly fabulous, it would be perfect as a drapery "thingie" to my oldest doughter´s bed that I´m courantly giving a makeover.

I´m exited to see what you will do with it.

Love your blog, very inspiring!
Lisa said…
Im looking forward to see that chair finshed :) Lovely fabric you got!

Oh now I see why my rocking chair looks like that ;) Going to make a pillow so I can sit a bit higher :) Im in a competition to win colour so i hope i win, the day that check clears im going to be in that colourshop like a child in a candy shop D:

excuse my english, im used to speak in english but writing I do battle a bit with,
Excellent rolls T!! You'll make a master craftswoman one day!

Cute doggies - looking very intimate, I must say!

Love those 70's prints...hope you find some sewing time soon.
Niki x
Ragged Roses said…
Lovely photos Teena, I always leave your blog with a smile on my face, thank you!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's taking a while to "warm up" on the crafting front, I'm hoping that some early Spring sunshine might invigorate me! Gorgeous fabrics, have fun
Julie said…
Am just the same - I need the to take January just to recover from Christmas and everything leading up to it - I never feel as if I get going on anything til Feb rolls round.

Am sure I used to have that purply/pink fabric in my room when I was growing up - gosh it brought back some memories!
Anonymous said…
Your blog is so lovely, I've given you an award
KC'sCourt! said…
Thank you for popping to my blog. I loved re-designing the "Crinoline Lady" the original pattern came from a needlework magazine dated 1932!
Lynda said…
Oh those doggies remind me of my fork and spoon S&P shakers from my Nan's I will post a pic on my blog for you to see them! You will love them!

Can't wait to see the final product!

And remember, January, like broken biscuits on a diet, doesn't count! The year begins in Feb!
vanessa said…
What a feast of a post! I'm drooling................ I'm drooling over your thrifting finds................... I'm salivating over the shelf display.................... and I'm excited by the progress of your chair................... the skill of your work is fascinating and awe inspiring.................... And it's exciting to be kept in suspense over how you're going to cover it......................... And the doggies! Just the sweetest happiest things, and gorgeously coloured............................ You've got my day off to the most wonderful start, I'm all happy now I've had my colour and vintage finds fix! I especially like those bowls you found.............. well done, they're gorgeous!
Kitschen Pink said…
JAne - and did I mention only 50p each....50 PENCE! Wooohoo! t.xx

TG - I shall be impressed if I do anything with it too! (other than add it to the shameful pile of fabric!) t.x

Lisa - honey! I don't even know what language you speak so you're doing amazingly by my poor standards! And I LOVE your blog! t.xx

Niki - me too! t.xx

RR - some sunshine would be a start! We're barely getting daylight most days! t.xx

Julie - your parents had such good taste! t.x

WS - why thank-you. I'll pop over soon! t.x

KC - thank-you for stopping by. t.x

Lynda - you're so wise! Can't wait to see your S&P dogs! t.x

Vanessa- I'm in suspense about the chair cover too! Haven't a clue :-)! t.xx
Sarah said…
Thrifting is TOTALLY creative in my humble opinion. Spotting the sparkling potential in amongst the chaff requires a good eye. And wow do you have it. Great finds!
Tant Grön said…
I can relate to that :-) it´s almost as if I can hear the fabrics cry if I give them a run with the
scissours, or maybe I´m doing the crying?! Hi, hi!
Kitschen Pink said…
Lovely Sarah - if only there were a career in being good at shopping! We'd be such high flyers! t.xx

TG - oh I'm so glad it's not just me! t.xx
malin said…
Those books on the bottom shelf looks so pretty!
Have been having a wonderful time reading your blog - my eagle eye of course spotted the lovely knitting doll/strickliesel/spool knitter on your shelf.
The little kissing dogs are gorgeous!
I am so glad that you have joined our little spool knitter group on Flickr!
Do you have a large collection of knitting dolls?
...cheers, Marian (admin for spool knitter)
- http://spoolknitter.blogspot.com