White excitement

At 6am, in the absence of an official school closure, we took an executive decision and cancelled school ourselves! Well it's not that often we get proper snow. So why not seize the day!
Rusty nosed snowman!
Cold hands!
Warm milk.
Sewing fingers....
.. Feed the Birds! (and don't forget to de-ice some water for them to drink too!)
For those who couldn't stop the merry-go-round today, I hope you're soon home safe and warm.


Shabby Chick said…
I'm not really a snow fan but I'm loving all the pictures! I like your monkey nut string :)

Mel xxx
MelMel said…
we remembered the birds and cracked the ice...we also put out two fat balls.....:>))
Love your snow day!x
A Thrifty Mrs said…
Looks like a lovely snow day around your way.
LissyLou said…
I wish i had decided to cancel school, luckily we got out in it this afternoon - wiil post pics tommorrow. School is cancelled tommorrow, yippee!! xx
Thankfully I couldn't get into work this morning so have been able to stay inside in the warm!

Victoria xx
carolyn said…
It's all such fun isn't it, that is if you don't have to go to work / school. Although hubby had the most fun today planting 50 odd trees even though the snow kept falling.
Teena Vallerine said…
SC - I'm hoping you're not in the thames valley because you'd have more of the white stuff than us! So far the Tit's are not impressed with our monkey nuts but I think that's because they have too much else to eat! We're fattening them up! t.x

MM - oh those lucky birds to happen into your garden! t.x

TMrs - not much snow really but we made the most of what we had! t.x

LL - oh wonderful! retrospective snow closure! I hope there's plent of white stuff for you! t.x

VT - what no snowman in your garden?! No snowball for the postman? t.x

C- tree planting in a North Easterly is impressive with or without snow! t.x
Anonymous said…
Brilliant way to feed the birds, is that a necklace for the snow person that they can snack on? or a garland?

You must live in our school district-we hardly get any snow days, though have miraculously had two this year!

Suzanne in CT
I just knew I would finds some of the white stuff over here T...
I have a small feast lined up for the birds today..
My entire selection of nuts and seeds and some 'fat balls'!!!
Much as I love this weather .. I always fret about our furry and feathered friends..

Sal said…
Great snowman!!
I've just fed the birds too..must be hard for them in this weather !
Have a good day ;-)
Teena Vallerine said…
SA - it's a garland, a hanging thing, a decoration...oddly they are appearing all over the garden! t.x

C&C - a veritable birdy feast! Am I going to see a white stuff post down your way I wonder?! t.x
Shabby Chick said…
Yep, we made a snowman! It was quite skinny and had no face apart from a carrot nose though! But the girls loved it, it had a sparkly pink hat and a lilac scarf :)

We aren't in the Thames Valley though, we're down in Salisbury but there's a couple of inches on the ground.

Mel xxx
Ragged Roses said…
Glad you took the decision to have a day off school, these snowy days are too special. The birds aren't interested in my fat balls ...
LPFish said…
I totally support your decision to wag school - hooray! (from a home-schooling mum teehee x)
Niki Fretwell said…
Hi T!
Lovely to see your BB enjoying the snow yesterday.
It's a snow day here today, so my E is enjoying the same pleasures...you're never too old to build a snowman, are you?!
Keep warm,
Niki x
julie said…
My son's teacher said this morning, if she'd not had to work, she'd have kept her boy home too. According to her, studies have shown it's really good for boys especially, but girls too, to have the occasional unexpected day off, without any reason just to spend time with parents!! And it's so much fun too. We didn't have any snow yesterday morning so couldn't do the same, but did manage a play in some after school, so it was all good in the end. x
Shannon said…
Happy snow day! I love your clever face-makings for Mr. Snow.
Our backyard birds wouldn't stand a chance with that lovely nut garland - the squirrels would have it before we could finish taking the photo!
Teena Vallerine said…
Sal - I think our birds are actually looking a bit like they could lose those extra ounces! Can you over feed? t.x

SC Who needs a full face when you have a sparkly pink hat?! t.x

RR - I am just so hopeful that your second sentence is never taken out of context... t.x

KF - I can still remember days my mum did the same- there's something extra special about a day at home when everyone else is at school and you know you should be too...t.x

Niki - hope you managed to hold your own with the snowball fight! t.x

J - we like your son's teacher..lots! t.x

S - our birds are so well fed they haven't started on the garland yet! Maybe we'll put it in the top meadow for the squirrels! Good idea! t.x
The sewing room said…
oh this white stuff is fun could do with a bit more just for good measure great snowman pop over to my blog hope you dont mind but you have been tagged.
Best wishes Pat
Anonymous said…
Love your blog and aesthetic. The colours here always make my heart leap!

I've never seen peanuts strung together like that, very clever.
What a lovely idea for a bird feeder.
I'm so enjoying everyone's snowy photos - The Boy was very disappointed that his school didn't close this week!
Anonymous said…
Enjoy your snow! Lovely blog...
Anonymous said…
Just stumbled on your blog and wanted to say your stuff is beeeautiful!
I wondered if you have ever thought of affiliate ads because I am sure there are lots of blogs out there who would be proud to carry an ad for your wares.

We too are snowbound here in the Midlands at the moment - just the best fun!
myminimocs said…
what a perfect and wonderful memory created here!!! love the photos!
fern said…
We've had a very disrupted week, work and travel-wise. But it was E's first experience of snow and we've all had a great time. Snowmen, warm milk, falling over, rice pudding, and indoor picnics because we couldn't get out. Glad you're enjoying it, and hope you're staying warm and safe!
Sam said…
Thought I would pop over and say hi! Found your blog via Tea With Willow xx

PS I like it very much!
Teena Vallerine said…
Pat - thanks for that - I already did the 4/4 tag! t.x

Constance not silly! Not sure the birds around here have seen them either! They seem a bit baffled! t.x

THM - thank-you t.x

CCC - quite right too! what's the point of snow if it doesn't close schools? That's what i say! t.x

Laura - thank-you. t.x

Tara - ooh. so far this is an additive free zone! But thank-you for the suggestion. t.x

MMM - thank-you sweetie, I do try to do that! t.x

Sarah - rice pudding - was there cream? mmmmm! t.x

GW - welcome and thank-you! t.x