Well last week was a productive week - more work being started than finished is a good week.
And it was a good weekend - this is what happens when you take a child to daddy's office and turn your back a moment.....
whiteboard, pens.... who knew it was for 'important' stuff? Well the picture will cheer up the engineers.. we left it there for them to enjoy!
The farm chickens are laying their beautiful mottled and speckled eggs
what better excuse is there to bake a HUGE lemon dribble traybake.. and this is all that is left..
The apple tree that had been breaking roof tiles on the barn every time the wind blew is now stacked up like this. These will make deliciously scented logs for the stove once they are seasoned.
We planted up a couple of old stone troughs with cheap and cheerful primulas..
and up in the top meadow, under the Birch trees, the violets have spread their carpet even further this year.
Little beauties.
Sadly the productivity is not to continue this week. The kitchen is looking more like a pharmacy..
Which has two direct consequences... this poor little face (because someone decided that childrens' medicines must taste of distilled boiled sweets!)
and this empty workroom.
By an unusual and marvellous co-incidence the deadline I had been working to this week was delayed and so I am able to relax and enjoy the cuddles.
There's something especially cosy about having a little person home unexpectedly. Soft boiled eggs and toast soldiers, a roaring stove, blankets on the sofa and daytime childrens TV. We had forgotten how much we loved Tractor Tom and Pocoyo. So I'll be back when I can, but for now I have a little snuggly boy to enjoy.
Hope you're all having a lovely week. t.x


MelMel said…
Hello there!

Poor littles!
Hope they get well soon!
Eggs and toast works much magic!

I'm having a good week so far...on my break, while little fact best go and wake her!
Potty time!

My half day tomorrow.....yippee!
Making stuff for the Easter swap!

Enjoy the snuggles!xxxx
gladys said…
So you managed a post have you had that game of snakes and ladders yet?
Shabby Chick said…
That picture on the whiteboard made me laugh! How brilliant.

The hen's eggs look lovely (... the cake even lovelier, lol). Hope your little boy is better very soon.

Mel xxx
Cathy said…
It sounds very cosy and homely at your house - can I come?! That cake looks divine. I hope all the bugs disappear asap.
Cathy XX
IRENE said…
Oh! Very much like our story in the past ten days. I do confess enjoying staying off work for a couple of days, to look after my chicken. Get well soon and keep cudling.
(I loved that painting. That's the thing with kids;they dare add a flower in the office notice board)
aneela said…
Oh children they are the most delightfully created beings, even when they are sick and snotty you only love them more.
Kitschen Pink said…
MM - only one little and I hope so too! Enjoy your half day! t.x

G - and bingo and pairs and all those lovely slow games that drive you nuts by round 6! t.x

SC - thank-you honey! t.x

C - I suggest you wait until the bugs are gone! Then we'll make more cake! t.x

I - It's a fairly nutty office - it might not have been noticed yet! t.x

A - and how! t.x
oh ive just done my own "off sick" post with 2 bottles of anti biotics in our house :-(
hope things improve with your little one - its sick city in my house !
it will be next week before we know it and can get back to crafty
stuff :-)
lesley x
Attic24 said…
Awww I recall similar photos and activities when my LL was off sick in early Sept when she should have been starting school, yes I agree it's unexpectedly enjoyable somehow.
LOVE the last pic and all it's stripy goodness.....any chance of you sharing some of your crochet blankets with me? I'd love to see them, that stripy one looks beautiful!
OH!!!! You beat me to it... my next post was to be about violets and logs for the burner. Hope you are enjoying the unexpected rest and especially the cuddles. So, if this post was "pause"..... is next one going to be "FFWD>"? . . . . hope so! x
beck said…
I'd like to come and snuggle up at your house..could you dose me up too? Love all the photo's...a real taste of your world x
Kitschen Pink said…
Lesley - hope they're all better soon! t.x

Luce - ooh -a blanket show and tell. now theres a lovely idea - I think, as queen of crochet - you should host it! I'm in! Just not this week!

MM - oh but I'd still love to read your version! Next week will be...PANIC! t.x

Beck - anytime honey- especially when you need to run from those beastly bush fires! And I can find much nicer things to dose you up on than yeuchy antibiotics! t.x
Shannon said…
I hope your boy is back to full health soon. My youngest was home last week, and I have to admit to enjoying his company.
Thank you so much for posting the pretty flowers; we are still trying to thaw here, and I am so ready to see color again.
And that lemon cake - oh, my!
Frances said…
Thank you for visiting my site.

I've just had great fun reading through your recent posts. What wonderful projects you have.

Surely do hope that little boy is soon in full recovery mode.

myminimocs said…
i totally enjoyed this post - and the cozy toes in the final pic is just the perfect reminder that the simple things in life are what really matters!
vanessa said…
I hope your little one feels better soon, and that you don't catch whatever he's got!
Lovely eggs, makes me want a bolied egg with soldiers.
This post makes me feel as snug as a bug in a rug.
Hi T,
Hope your beautiful boy (yes, even with that yucky medicine face!), gets better very soon...I've had a horrid sore throat, so sympathise...

So glad to see that you saved me a slice of your yummy drizzle cake!

The tiny violets are a beautiful sight, as are your primula troughs.

Good luck reaching those newly adjusted deadlines.
Happy cuddling,
Niki x
Ragged Roses said…
Hope your lovely boy is on the mend and that you are enjoying those cuddles
Kitschen Pink said…
S - I will post more flowers! More than ready for spring here! t.x

F - thank-you for stopping by t.x

MMM - indeed! t.x

V - aha! You hit the nail on the head! And mummies don't get anti-biotics! We are supposed to have immune systems! t.x

Niki- hope you're feeling better soon honey - you need lemon cake! t.x

RR - I am - but I think I'm ready for him to be a bit better now poor chap! t.x
elspeth said…
Thanks for your lovely comment on my full moon blog - and I look forward to catching up with yours.
xxx Elspeth
Claire said…
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Lucy said…
Love your blog. Gorgeous pictures. Hope little one will soon be bettter. Lucy xx
Jo said…
That whiteboard picture made me laugh - reminded me of Peppa Pig going to Daddy Pig's office! (Perhaps your beautiful boy is too big for Peppa? A favourite with my 4 year old!)

I love your blog so much, thanks for sharing it, x
Anonymous said…
Ahhhhh cuddles, THE best medicine. You gotta love cuddles.

Cherry x
Pixeltrash said…
Love the socks! I'm the same... love when my boys stay home with me unexpectedly. Theyh also love Pocoyo!
Kitschen Pink said…
Elspeth - it was cloudy! Boohoo! We had to make do with our Google moon phase gadget! t.x

Claire - sassy - that's good right? t.x

Lucy - thank-you and welcome! t.x

Jo - oh we love peppa pig - can you ever be too old? t.x

CML - oh we do! t.x

PT- you and yours have such good taste! t.x