OOPS! I forgot!

I finished some Beach Hut brooches; but not enough to get some into my Etsy store yet. I'm working on it in-between eggs and nests and baking yummy things!
And did I promise to show you some more thrifty goodness. Well, I may have been excited to find these five rolls of seam binding - but imagine my joy when I found a whole box full.... and ric rac?!
It was a bit sad really. The lady had run a haberdashery stall for many years but she said "it's all so old-fashioned now, no-one's interested and I can't cover my stall costs..." She just kept throwing more and more things into a big bag for me. At least she must have known they were coming to a good home!
And I found more happy characters for the barmy shelf too! A cruet set..
and these two adorable little nutters. Perfection!
If these lucky finds continue the barmy shelf is going to overflow! But anything barmy would be at home in our house so that's not a problem. t.x


Jess said…
Wow you are lucky! Why can't I find these things in Suffolk!?
Shabby Chick said…
Ooh the barmy shelf is going to be even more gorgeous! What great finds on the haberdashery stall but a real shame that she's finding it hard to cover costs.

Mel xxx
thriftymrs said…
Such a shame about the haberdashery stall. It's so terribly sad when things like that happen.

Love those brooches.
Hens Teeth said…
You have inspired me....I must dust, wash and do some re-arranging.
Brooches are beautiful and the coloursare so happy and spring like.
bex said…
ohhh, you lucky thing!! like you say, atleast she knows they have gone to good home though
Sal said…
I just adore your little beach hut brooches ;-)
Anonymous said…
Wow, you are so lucky to have found such wonderful stuff! Love those beach hut brooches too :)
Sarah said…
What lovely brooches! and a great collection of bits.
oh my!your shelf must be a serious delight for the eyes!

those are so cute!
silverpebble said…
What lovely lovely treasure and such a kind lady!

Those brooches are very sweet indeed - love the stripes

Darn it...can't believe I passed up a similar looking doggie to those fawns in a charity shop on Monday...if he's still there next week, I shall buy him for you!
Niki xx
Niki from Nostalgia at the Stone House has just told me that we have the same adorable little chipmonks/squirels. Today's post on my blog features one such squirel. How funny!, As Niki said you and I were obviously on the same wave length today! I am glad she has mentioned it as it has enabled me to discover your lovely blog.
Isabelle x
Floss said…
You do so well with your finds! It's such a pity about the haberdashery stall, though. I'm interested to know that she's not seen an upturn recently - surely more people are crafting again now? Anyway, as you say, all your finds have gone to a good home!
What wonderful "finds". Heartbreaking for the lady selling up her haberdashery stall, but I'll be she had an instinct her stuff was going where it would be put to good use. Lucky you to get hold of ric rac..... so summery. . . x
Sigh......... that SHOULD have said "I'll bet "....... x
myminimocs said…
i adore the little nutters - and yes how sad it truely is that everyone settles for cheap mass produced garbage these days than the wonderfully timetested prodcuts of the past.
Oooo the colours man!
Beautiful !
As for your squirrels and fawns.. perfect kitsch.. doesn't get better!

Hope all is fine and dandy with you!?

Michele xx

P.s Have a fab Easter hols
Kate said…
Love, love, LOVE the brooches!
Ooh, I adore those squirrels! I'd like my whole house to look like your barmy shelf!
thevintagemagpie said…
Oh the salt and pepper pots and the little nutters - to die for!!
I just have a barmy house and an even barmier studio of love....ow wonderful to find all those wonderful things...lucky you..love and hugglets H