Busy little fingers signal the end of year gift-making for a lovely, lovely teacher we shall all miss very much!
I love the concentration of a child creating....
and my what a beautiful gift this term... this one really was hard to give away! But we already have plans for many more!
(Lovely teacher is also 'Brown Owl' for her local Brownies.)
In keeping with tradition the end of year pizza treat was speedily followed by the compulsory Toffee Fudge Glory!
The beautiful boy is delighted that he has 8 weeks free from scritchy woollen socks....
and we are all delighted that for a couple of months there will be less running around, chasing deadlines and clubs ... and much much more of this...
Happy holidays everyone! I'll post less often than usual for a bit but I shall be around to say hello from time to time! t.x


KC'sCourt! said…
I as a mother always looked forward to the school holidays, not because it was less busy for all but to have MY children to MYSELF
The Antidote said…
Absolutely! I hate sharing my little ones with Teachers!!
Sal said…
I would be thrilled to bits with that lovely hand made is gorgeous! Have a wonderful summer hols!
Hens Teeth said…
A really special gift.....I hope you all have a wonderful summer break!
pennygj said…
There's so much written about the horrors of the summer holidays, but I remember it with fondness. No early morning panics, no kit to get ready, cooking together, trips to the coast, yes, and having your children to enjoy. Make the most of it because it's such a short time.
Bobo Bun said…
We'll be hard on your heels and in holiday mode in another week. That fudge glory is really making my mouth water. Do you need to take children with you and have to share it?

Lisa x
Anonymous said…
What a cute owl and a cute boy!!
Anonymous said…
The Owl is lovely and something to be very proud of.
I have just discovered your Utility China link and backstamps. I often buy something just for the backstamp and many times have tried to share the joy, but few understand. So I hope to add a few images to the collection.
Lynda said…
Lovely owlie.
Yes I echo KC's 3 have just gone back to school today after the Term 2 holidays.

PS I am on a 1950's pyrex bender...taking photos this week!
That owl is going to be sooooooooo appreciated! Well done Beautiful Boy. x
Hi T!
Enjoy the hols with your BB...we have another fortnight of school yet...:(

Felty, feathery owl is adorable - what a lucky lovely teacher she is!

Fingers crossed for sunny days,
Niki x
vanessa said…
What a fabulous creative chap your little boy is Teena, he looks like a joy to have around. I've missed you over the last week, and I'll be missing you while you're not around so much. Have a lovely time.
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)
Bluebell said…
Enjoy the summer hols with your son - must be lovely to have him all to yourself! x
silverpebble said…
What a wonderful owl! He looks as though he has jollly bunting feathers! What a happy summery post xx
The Curious Cat said…
That is such a lovely idea - my mum is a teacher and she REALLY appreciates the little gifts at the end of the year -in fact she gets rather upset when people seem to fail to recognise her hard work and efforts - I'm sure the teacher will love this! xxx
lottie said…
Enjoy your special time with beautiful boy. I loved the school holidays with mine - all too soon they are grown and flown - but not too far away.
I am certain that BB's teacher was thrilled with her Wol.. so much nicer than a box of chox!

Enjoy the days of summer stretched out ahead and soak up these precious moments.. as the years fly by my BB is now talking about which 'festival' he is going to this hols... Oh to turn back the clock!

What is it about little boys in grey socks and shorts.. and knobbly knees... I could eat them up!

Sorry I have been a pants friend T.. promise to touch base soon.

claire Maraldo said…
I love the owl and I bet the teacher will too.

Alexei used to have to wear long grey socks with rings round the top and shorts -even in the depths of winter. I used to find it so cute and retro, it used to make my heart ache to see those knobbly knees so thanks for sharing yours will us. (I know they're not YOURS so to speak but you know what I mean). Alexei's had his first year in long trousers and the b****r puts holes in them about every two weeks. Gah!
Rima said…
A super looking owl!

Lovely owl, fab feathers requiring much concentration, brilliant!
Happy Summer days x