A bird in hand

Another week has whistled past - we had a beautiful sunny day at the Buns cottage, home of the giant dahlia....!
There was even enough sunshine to need ice-creams! I just wanted to bring the van home with me!
And now the beautiful boy is off on another mini break, this time in Cambridge with his beloved Aunty and Uncle and one of his very grown up cousins! Lucky boy is being spoiled rotten again and I am home alone wondering what it would take for me start on all the jobs I am supposed to do when I get time.... Instead I have taken some china pictures to share with you!
When the boy was little I was keen to teach him how to be around china. We have many precious pieces in the house - all of them of far more sentimental value than could ever be covered by insurance! My plan was to ensure he had his own china collection from an early age and the theme I chose was birds. You know of his owl collection...but he also loves the pictorial china of the 1950's and 1960's.
The beautiful boy has always loved bird watching - his first bird word was Pigeon... not a difficult one in an agricultural area - now he is an impressive bird watcher and can identify many common and not so common visitors to our countryside. If you have a little person I recommend avoiding 'dicky bird' or 'birdie'. Children are remarkably capable of learning the names of different birds from the beginning as everything around them is a new word!
This Peter Scott trio for Midwinter is an especially prized set. The illustrations are incredible and we love that the goose is flying away on the reverse of the cup!
The illustration on the tea plate is breath-taking and shows a master of his subject.
As well as china the boy has a great collection of vintage bird identification guides, all with equally wonderful illustrations. Of course he has all the modern pocket guides as well! We don't shove these in a ruck-sack and trudge out over muddy fields!
Of course not to be left out I have a few birds of my own. I love Victorian Milk Glass and these beauties are one of my best ever bargains. For just a few pounds!!
Each one is a perfect little work of art...
I love the little blackberries...
And of course there are textiles too. This vintage tea towel was going to be a cushion but the boy has claimed it for a pillow cover which I hope to finish this weekend! Avocets are one of my favourite birds. So delicate they look like a breeze might break them.... until you see one defending it's territory - their agility and speed is a sight to see.
Enough distraction now. I hope you enjoyed a few pretty pictures. I have work to complete so that I can be with the boy when he returns home next week. A personalised order from my shop - I do love working on items which are made with one special little person in mind. And.... for the second time this week I find myself mentioning the 'C' word. I have Christmas items to make - I can't tell you much more about it at the moment. It's all very exciting but I've learned not to count my chickens.... But I would like my little bird back in hand..... How's that for muddling birdie metaphors!
Enjoy your weekend everyone! t.xx


Pomona said…
Dahlias, ice cream and old chine - seems like the perfect week to me. I miss my little birds when they go away too, but you have to let them go fly alone!

Pomona x
KC'sCourt! said…
What a lovely unusual collection of china.
Penny said…
As I scrolled down I kept thinking 'Oh, must say how I love that one', and then there was another one and another so I give up, it's ALL lovely!
Do you find when there lots of time and lots to do you end up like the shipwrecked man in the A A Milne poem? He has so much he could do, catch a goat, build a house etc that in the end he rolls up in a blanket on the beach and waits to be rescued. I have that syndrome, am I alone?
Ticking stripes said…
What a wonderful tea towel! Love it!
Sal said…
Love the Avocet tea towel!
We do get the Avocets on the River Exe but I have not seen them for a long time.
Hope your weekend is a good one!
Mary Poppins said…
What a gorgeous van, I can see why you may have wanted to take it home with you :)

Great post :)

Bobo Bun said…
We ate ices from the same van again today at a Make Do and Mend do at a WW2 US airbase. Needed a beautiful boy working his magic to get a good deal.

Birds I like, but haven't a clue past a blackbird and a robin. I think I'd like to though.

Mrs Bun xxx
Anonymous said…
Where on earth do you keep all your trinkets and treasures?!
Hens Teeth said…
I am extremely envious, there is no other way of putting it.... incredibly beautiful collections of my fav subject too. Thank you for taking the time to show us these, so inspiring.
I hope you get all your jobs done. x
Oh my gosh, I want that dahlia!!! I love it :)
Anonymous said…
That giant Dahlia certainly gets around doesn't it. I love the idea of the bird collection. I think it's an excellent idea for children to have a collecting hobby, they can learn so much and will always have something interesting to share with others. I really like you're Victorian Milk Glass they are so pretty.
pinkfairygran said…
Beautiful china, and I so agree about teaching children the proper noun for things, like train instead of 'puffer' or 'chuff chuff', bird instead of birdie and so on. Why do people think they can't cope with proper words, often they are easier than the made up ones adults impose on them. And how wonderful that you taught your lovely boy to appreciate lovely things, and I expect you taught him not to touch things in other people's houses too? How I wish some parents I have known did the same... I taught mine to be respectful of other people's property and not to touch, and therefor never felt anxious about taking them anywhere.
The Curious Cat said…
How delicate and pretty the birds are! It is sweet the boy loves birdwatching! Is that flower for real though?!
Fancy Elastic said…
I LOVE that Peter Scott trio... so stylish... Lucky boy!

silverpebble said…
I think it's wonderful that you are building a collection for your boy and encouraging him to learn about birds at the same time. Love those avocets! We had a few here recently - we live near Wicken Fen so they came for a little visit.
What a lovely blog! Found you via the Dorset Cereal website and you'll be getting my vote. My parents live in Norfolk, and I love Holt, so will be putting the Christmas market in my diary.
Good luck!
Karoline said…
Love the Dahlia and the avocets. My little girl loves it when she catches sight of any birds much to her grandpa's delight. She can already recognise puffins from the pictures at there house.
dulwichmum said…
I love all of your pretty pictures and goodies, I can't wait for my mail! I am cutting back on my home's minimalist look due to the recession. The recessionista look demands a far more home spun image - spun in your home sweetie, not mine! Clearly...
Congrats for your beautiful blog!
I invite you to visit my crafty blog: http://lellilu.blogspot.com
Thank you! :D
Floss said…
Oh, what lovely birds! The Peter Scott stuff really is great, and I can see why there was a tussle over ownership of the avocets - I think we may have had that one in the 1970s, as my dad is very keen on waterbirds (he was in the navy).

I can identify with your 'dicky bird' comment - apparantly a neighbour tried that phrase on me when I was a toddler and I replied cooly: 'it's a magpie', which chuffed my father no end!
Hi sweetie, we are back from our jollies and after no internet slowly easing back into blog land...with my new netbook which I adore...talking of adore...the midwinter trio is to die for. Hope the sun is shining on you and yours...love H
Gosh what a wonderful collection and so brilliant to have a birdie theme, clever you! thanks for showing us!
Sarah x
Felicity said…
i love that old ice cream van, id have wanted that too! and the bird collection is lovely, my little boy seems to be into gardening, he's only almost 4 but he picks herbs and names them like a pro, he loves the farmers market too!! its so funny seeing him giving me a tour of our garden! fliss xx
Diane said…
My mum would never have any china (or pictures) in the house with birds on - she's such a supersticious old mare!! These are so beautiful. I was around your neck of the woods for the last couple of weeks - you are having a much better summer weatherwise than the rest of the uk.
I love your collection of vintage books on birds and that ice cream van!
Isabelle x
Devon Dumpling said…
Loving the ice cream van!

When I was little, I was taught to respect my mum's china collection too and I think that it is very wise idea.

I also believe that children should not be spoken to like they are dumb. I always remember being told that my mum had a huge arguement with my nan as my mum did not like my nan taking me to see the 'quack quacks' and the 'bow wows' instead of ducks and dogs at the park! x
Your Blog looks amazing!
Sorry I haven't visited for so long!
Calico Kate said…
That Dahlia was HUGE! Worthy of Chelsea I'm sure. I love the mid winter set - beautifully painted. Avocets and Herons both long elegant birds that make me smile!
Lovely post.
Anonymous said…
So much loveliness, the bird china is enough to turn any tea drinker into a nature enthusiast!! What beauties. I have the 'c' word heavy on my mind too!
Torie Jayne said…
Hi, I love the ice cream van! and so many great images of birds, I love birt art! x