Nearly there!

To all of you who have sent me messages of support and concern and encouragement I am so incredibly grateful. It has not been a fun time. However, this is my happy space so I am here to say I shall be back soon as things are finally getting to a point where we can move back home! But first lots of this...
In the meantime you can occasionally find me here if you would like to chat!
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I can just about manage a 140 word Tweet in between painting ceiling and walls!
I'll be back soon with a proper update and a "Home for Christmas' post.
I will, I will, I WILL!
And then I have already lined up a number of exciting giveaways to get this space back on the go into the New Year!
Much re-invention to be done, re-design, re-think. Exciting times! t.x


Frances said…
Huge Christmas greetings to you! Your readers have definitely missed you. It's grand to have this little update.

(Yes, life can have some really rough patches...and I continue to try to remind myself to pay as much attention to the good bits as my naturally worrying mind does to the not so good bits.)

Lottie said…
Whooooo Hooooo - home for Christmas.

You are almost there - brilliant. To be in your very own home - yes YOURS, all YOURS - what a great feeling that will be.

It won't matter if all the work isn't quite done - so long as it is warm and cosy then 'all's right with the world'.

You can shut the door draw the curtains, sit in front of your new fire and your beautiful boy - what a magical winter.

KC'sCourt! said…
Big virtual hug for Christmas. Hope you do get Home for Christmas Julie xxxxxx
Linda Gilbert said…
Happiness at Christmas and a year of hope,contentment and joy for 2011.
Love to you both -- This time will pass!
MelMel said…
Liking the cool 80's inspired jeans....:>))

Hope you get things to a comfortable standard for the festive Melxxx
It's just nice to see you popping up on my updates now & again!

silverpebble said…
Oh, it will be so great to have you back x
Pam said…
Lovely to read your blog again. It is one of my favourites!
Sal said…
Hi Teena!

Nice to see you back!

I was wondering how you were getting on with everything!!

Hope you and the boy have a happy Christmas and I look forward to seeing more pics on your blog, soon!

Take care xxx
bibbitybob said…
Haha, I think we have the same pair of jeans! Looking forwards to more updates :) x
OhSoVintage said…
Painting the ceilings, walls and yourself by the looks of it!!
Lululiz said…
Very trendy jeans, I am sure, lol. Sounds like you are getting there though, which is great news.
Lynn said…
Lovely to hear you are ok - have thought about you often. Looking forward to reading more.
Really pleased you'll be 'home for Christmas' soon!! Look forward to seeing the pics, and all the grotty work you've had to do will be well worth it!!

Sharon xx
Kathleen said…
Happy day to hear from you & that you working hard making your nest. Wish I could pop over the Pond & lend you a hand.
Season's Best to All!
In your own time.......... we are all still here. Have a WONDERFUL Christmas. :O)
Oh you must be SO looking forward to moving in and slowly getting organised! Wishing you a very Happy Christmas, and a better and cosier New Year x
tea and cake said…
Hey, lovely to see you back!
Happy Christmas to you, and hope you are back in for Christmas, too. x
Planet Penny said…
So glad you are back, missed you! xxx
Anonymous said…
So glad to see your almost finished. I have followed your blog for a long time and I am so proud of all you have accomplished. Lots of Christmas Love from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-US.
Just chanced upon your blog - masses of empathy to you!! We're just coming to the end of a few months of having an extension built - still no cooker connected, or radiators in the kitchen / living room. Plumber has flu -aaaaarrrrggghh!! Hope you have a good Christmas! Abby
Felicity said…
i cant wait to see when its all done, i hope you have a lovely christmas and a brighter year next year! fliss xxx
Penny said…
Happy Christmas! Here's to 2011 xxx
Candy Pop said…
Hello you! Merry Christmas! xx
Sandie's Patch said…
Looking forward to it!

Sandie xx
Scrappy Jessi said…
Hey Doll
"Happy New Year!"
Have a Fab 2011!
Kathleen said…
All the best for 2011!
I hope your new home is a cozy nest & that you have much happiness there.
Cheers from Nova Scotia
Hope 2011 will be your year...

Take care and don't work too hard!
Love to you and BB,
Niki xx
Lottie said…
Happy New Year - how is life treating you?

Bet you are pleased the snow has gone, I expect it might have hampered your plans with your new home conversion/decoration etc.

So looking forward seeing your return

Kathleen said…
Miss you! Hope all is going very well
rhr-ozgrkdn said…
Hi,have a nice weekend:)
Kathleen said…
Still out here waiting for you. Sending some reno energy your way...
Hoola Tallulah said…
So glad you are safe and well, big love to you and yours <3
Anonymous said…
looking forward to the next chapter. said…
hi , i really love your blog its colourful and interesting and im now a big fan