Hiya, glad to see you are still about - hope you are slowly getting things sorted and that you and your beautiful boy are settled in now. He certainly looks happy enough in the photo! x
Frances said…
I'll second that wish!

Grand to see a post from you, too.
myminimocs said…
Two Thumbs up from the U.S. ;)
Candy Pop said…
Aw, brilliant!
Lyn said…
they make a lovely couple, she looked stunning didn't she?
Unknown said…
What a great photo - and my goodness the beautiful boy sure looks like you!
Lynne G. said…
How lovely to see you blogging again - however briefly! I enjoyed the highlights (can't be doing with all the media hype).
Hope we see more of you and that life is chugging along nicely.
Karen, Surrey said…
Lovely photo one to keep forever.
Lovely to see the beautiful boy enjoying the festivities!
Hope all's coming along well in the new house?xx