Sneak peek!

Blissful weekend stitching!
Four pieces ready to quilt and bind - Since the Love Nest I'm enjoying quilting as a way to finish my embroideries so I'm trying to make it work on these new pieces - tricky tricky!
I have been in french knot heaven with this piece. It reminds me of my Grandma. As a young girl in the 1930's she worked as a tambour beader for a company on Oxford Street - stitching thousands and thousands of tiny glass beads onto debutantes' dresses!
I tidied the workroom in December. I'm quite sure that's why I achieved nothing in January. Happily it is now looking rather like a whirlwind hit a textile mill and working has become much easier! Is it only me who finds that tidiness stultifies creativity? t.x


Shabby Chick said…
I love to have all my stuff sprawled out over the table. You never know what might catch your eye to add to something that wouldn't have otherwise! Of course as I only have the dining table to work on it is never tidy when my stuff is on it :-S

Mel xxx
MelMel said…
Such lovely detailed work....really pretty!

Sal said…
Your Grandma must have been incredibly patient! ;-)
Hen said…
They look great. What patience your grandmother must have had. I'm afraid I'm a tidy freak, I feel "out of control" when things aren't tidy but we all have different ways of working so whatever works for you and inspires you is cool!
Hen x
thriftymrs said…
They all look so wonderful. I am jealous of your talent lovely.
gulle hexan said…
ooh.. så sweet:)
i am curius to see it all..
vanessa said…
Now they look interesting........................
I know exactly what you mean about tidiness stifling creativity! I have to have lots of 'things' around............
Vanessa x
god evening sweetie sweet pie...what wonderful neat and detailed work...I havent the eyes for that now..poor old thing that I am...I can't wait to see the finished project...its looking and hugs H
myminimocs said…
so beautiful - i'm sure grandmother would be proud!!!
Hi T,
I particularly love your last piece - reminds me of beautiful glad that you have your creative head back on!
I wouldn't know about tidiness stulifying my workroom is always a complete mess! heehee...
Niki x
Lynne said…
Just found your blog and been enjoying your stitching. Reading your post of 25th February, I think I have found a kindred spirit.
Mr Lee said…
so beautiful
I once mentioned to my son that his room was in a mess..... "Ah, but it's CREATIVE mess" was the retort......... Me? I go with that theory.... lovely work as always, by the way. x
MelMel said…
Cheers hun for popping for a little at the bottom of your garden?:>))

bigbucketgirl said…
ah yes! one persons chaos is anothers filing system!
your embroideries look very similar to my stitchings...but your 'sea' is making me nervous and making me want to double check my daughters duvet cover is still on her bed!
is it a commision? i had to do one once for a isabella francesca margaret! the frame was about 3 foot long! the grandparents paid though...not me!
Shannon said…
You have been busy! Your chair turned out beautifully, and I can't wait to see these embroideries when they are complete. And - I am drooling over those pancakes!
I also wanted to thank you for popping by my blog and adding your kind comment. Just thinking about "a cuppa" and cake (I've seen photos of your cakes!) cheered me up.
loving your work your very good!! i love to get all my goodies out but then end up putting them away having achieved nothing really but i need to see everything around me for inspiration!
Lesley x
KP your work is incredibly beautiful.
Ragged Roses said…
Gorgeous work, it looks so bright and cheery too. I can never work in a tidy room, I use the excuse that I can never find anything if it's too tidy ...
Such pretty work.. can't wait to see more. I always work in a mess, and then get really cross with myself when I can't find anything!x
silverpebble said…
Do I spy some beach huts? Surely one of the best types of buildings in the world! Lovely colours, textiles and stitching. Really yummy to look at x
juanitatortilla said…
Such immaculate stitches!
Such a lovely blog!

And guess what, I am Follower #100 !
MelMel said…
Hello hun.....just popping by to say hi!xxxx
IRENE said…
Oh how loely! I especially like #1 and #2! You are so patient and skilled!
Mr Lee said…
Good!!very nice!!

this is my new blog
willing to exchange and share the views with the people concerned.
MelMel said…
I love old sewing bits.....I always think what a story they must have to tell!

I have a rubber thimble...I use that for sorting thru paper work...saves licking my finger!

It was such an interesting shop...full of goodies, but out of my price range!
aneela said…
How lovely these recent pieces are, so summertime chic in a sweetshop palette. Obviously untidiness is condusive to your creativity so please keep it that way. Just keep anything superfluous out of the photo's and no-one need ever know.
Sean said…
Awww, thanks for the kind words about my latest painting, I can't resist spotty jugs of any colour combination. Loving your little appliqued boat, bye for now x
elspeth said…
Hi there,
I enjoyed your comment on cleaning over at my blog - and indeed, yes, my daughter has been caught sporting the ostrich feather duster as hair extensions... You are quite right, they're wasted on dusting....
Will also enjoy looking at your blog... Another beach lover, I see.
Seaside living gets under your skin, doesn't it? I'd find it hard to live far from the sea now.
x Elspeth
Kitschen Pink said…
SC - happy accidents - that's what I'm talking about! t.x

MM - thank-you. t.x

Sal - yes she was. very. with her grandchildren particularly! t.x

Hen - of course it only counts if its MY mess. Can't be doing with all that boy mess everywhere! t.x

TMrs - I'm sure you have no need honey! t.x

GH - me too - I've got stuck! t.x

V- beautiful things of course! Not lego and DIY tools and broken bits of engines... nice girl things! t.x

C&B - I have a fine collection of spectacles! t.x

mmm - what a nice thought! t.x

Niki - sounds like perfect heaven! t.x

Lynne - I'm off to see what that was! t.x

MrLee - thank-you. t.x

MM - as long as it stays in his room! My boy has creative mess everywhere! t.x

BBG - I can honestly say I have not stolen any duvets! t.x

S - great to hear from you! t.x

Lesley - sometimes getting it all out takes up the window of time - but it's nice to do now and then! t.x

Frog - thank-you sweetie! t.x

RR - exactly right! t.x

VM - more mess can help with that - it gets to a point where it has it's own sense of place! t.x

SP - you spy right! t.x

JT - welcome 100! t.x

I - thank-you. I must say I prefer those two aswell. 3rd is being neglected! t.x

th - thank-you! t.x

aneela - sometimes a challenge in itself! t.x

Sean - is that you Janet? t.x

Elspeth - thank-you for popping in. I like to be near but far enough away to avoid the spring high tide! t.x