Snap snap whoosh!!

I have no idea where the last week went - in a haze of cleaning and tidying ready for the big day! (HUGE thanks mumsie who did most of the work!!). The day came and photographer and his lovely assistant arrived from London and spent a very long day working hard on every detail of every photograph! Made me feel most slap-dash about my snap shots!
It was wonderful to see the house through another's eyes. As soon as they got here we gave them free reign to move things around and delve into cupboards for textiles, china and glassware. We made sure there were buckets full of flowers and foliage up in the barn and I baked bread, cakes and buns for the kitschen.
Mostly we just tried to keep out of the way - especially once we learned the value of that camera! The tripod suddenly seemed quite spindly and fragile given that an excited 7 year old had been bouncing around it up to that point!
We don't know what to expect and we're very excited to see the contact sheets of Brent's pictures in the next few weeks.
So, I thought I'd take this opportunity, for one day only, to take some pics for you to share. The house is so rarely this tidy.... in fact I can't remember it ever being so tidy and already the normality of family life is returning so I snapped the opportunity quickly! My little camera isn't up to the lighting so some are a bit blury but I hope you'll enjoy your visit; shall we start in the front courtyard?
Lots of work still going on outside, come on in....
You've seen the hall, home to my second upholstery chair project!
Come through to the sitting room..
Look no lego! Usually a permanent fixture across the floor! Do you spy the dish of dead bits of crab and butterfly? A clear indicator of a little boy in the house!
I used the bolt of vintage barkcloth in here to make false pelmets and cushions. I still have lots left but we thought full curtains would be a bit much! Plus it took me so long to make the first cut the thought of using it all was too stressful! I have a good quantity left to just gaze upon and stroke!
The iron floor lamp was an old one which we had taken literally years to find all the parts and restore. The final piece was the shade which has such a tricky fitting I was going to give up. Then I found the perfect shade in just the right colour at a jumble sale.... for 20p! Providence!
This is the view back to the hall.
This is my little corner where I hide paperwork in the bureau until it won't close anymore... then I do a bit of sorting through!
The fireplace takes up this side of the room. The stove and the Aga have kept us warm all winter without the need for central heating. Quite often we overheat especially if we have a good batch of Ash logs!
This is a favourite chair. I was going to reupholster it one day but we had it professionally cleaned and the velvet came back to life beautifully! I'm quite relieved really - I hear button backs are very difficult and certainly way beyond my abilities!
This chair is a favourite place to sit for a quick read. The bookcase behind it is filled with cookery books in the top section and gardening books in the lower section. Great topics for dipping into during a quiet moment.
Don't you think that most old books are so much prettier without their dustjackets?
The beautiful boy has got the photography bug and spent the day making his own little displays.
I rather like this portrait of his beloved Tom bear.
I usually only ever show you one view of a room because generally all the mess has been shoved over to the other half! Where to next time?... dining room? the workroom? the kitschen? bedrooms? Where would you like to go?
Sorry for such a lazy post. I have so much to catch up on and a deadline for Sew Hip next week! But hopefully for a few more days at least I shall be doing my catching up in a blissfully clean and tidy home! t.xx


marble rose said…
WOWEE - WHAT A BEAUTIFUL HOME! How exciting, please let us know when and where these are published - as I am a newey.

myminimocs said…
an absolutely lovely house - all your sweet touches is what make it a home!!! thank you for sharing it with the blogging world!!!
Stunning and so homely! X
Diane said…
Oh what a beautiful Home, and it sure looks inviting. Looks like fun. The pastel dishes in the kitchen are yummy.
That's it... I will be there in 5 ! Make that two weeks.
Beautiful T... absolutely beautiful...
May I enquire where the householder was when this was going on..? No shots of Mrs KP... what a shame.
Michele xx
Tabiboo said…
Your home is gorgeous and I'm sure even when it's a bit messy!

It looks so warm and welcoming and 'yes' I also agree old books look far better with there dust jackets off.

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina x
Hen said…
Your house is lovely, very individual and full of fabby things. Can't wait to see it in a mag or book (presume that's what the photo shoot was for?) How cute that BB set up his own little displays. Perhaps he has a future as a stylist?
Show us anywhere and everywhere next! (Please) Good luck with the Sew Hip article, the last one looked great. (Get them to give your website a plug.)
Hen x
It looks lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing more!
bex said…
wow! what a beautiful beautiful house you have!!!
Ragged Roses said…
You have the most beautiful home, just lovely. And what's more you really get the sense of it being a home, even when it's nice and tidy!!! Looking forward to seeing more
Gillian said…
Wow so exciting to see your home - and the photographers at work! Love your kitchen - its amazing!
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! I would make a bee-line for the dish with broken crab bits and butterflies, just love stuff like that. x
Mr Lee said…
Lovely home!Wish you a happy day!We will continue our efforts.
prettyshabby said…
T, I'm positively drooling at your gorgeous home. x
MelMel said…

Just popped in the say WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your house is wonderful!
Are you going to be in a magazine?
Or a book?
It looks simply stunning!

Have a super weekend!xxx
Greedy Nan said…
That is NOT a house, it's a mansion! Nay - a barn! And so-o-o tidy! What ever is going on? Why the cameras? Aren't we nosey?
The Antidote said…
What a lovely home x
Anonymous said…
You have a fabulous home! xxx
Floss said…
How lovely! I love both the beautiful photos, and the images you great with your words - piles of paper and stuff moved from one side of the room to the other for a photo (that's me, that's me too, I'm thinking!) What an experience you have had. I love your son's photo too.
Soooo beautiful! Can mumsie come and do mine next?
Hi T!
You have worked hard...the barkcloth additions to your living room are fabulous (not that it wasn't before, when I came to see you last year! ;-))

I think you should save your gorgeous kitchen till last...I love all of your home, but this room is stunning....the fact that it took you so long to piece it all together and all the hard work involved, really shines through...

Glad that BB made the most of his time off school...a stylist in the making!
Niki x
claire said…
What an absolutely gorgeous home you have - its stunning - I am in love lol!!!! :)
Looking forward to seeing more pictures!!
You will tell us when your shoot is published won't you??? You will? Good! Thats settled then!!! :)
Mary Poppins said…
Ohooo that was a treat :)

We are living in rubble and un plastered walls and rooms with no doors on, we shall get there, this refurishment of ours is taking foooorever ;)

Your home is a delight. I adore it and look forward to seeing it in print.

IRENE said…
Your home is so welcoming, tasteful and, well, homey! Beautiful!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful home you have!
Ciao, Helena
Rhiannon said…
My word your house is pretty darn amazing. And I can't wait to see what cleverness the photographer has done

Speaking of, the boy does some pretty neat photography - much better than my useless attempts!

Elma said…
Oh I love your home!! I would love to see the kitchen:) The black cabinet in the picture of the back hallway is beautiful!! Will these be posted in a magazine? Thanks
Laura said…
Your home is lovely and I enjoy your attention to detail. But don't hesitate to show pictures of lived-in rooms, too, with projects on-going and Legos on the floor. Those are also nice!
MarmaladeRose said…
Sooo Exciting! You have a lovely home, and as beautiful as it is, it still looks really homey. You can tell it's loved very much.

I can't wait to see what you've done with the other rooms. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home.

Love Fi x
vanessa said…
That was just the most satisfying tour! Just wonderful! I think if you showed us any of your other rooms, I'd be perfectly happy. Is that photo shoot for a magazine? If so, which, what, where, when?! Wanna see it! Your house is just so gorgeous. Those beams! Just gorgeous!!!!!!!
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)
meplusmolly said…
Amazing house! Beautiful!
Funny how we all love a good nose at people's abodes ;0 x
Carol said…
Well that was a real treat. Your home is stunning. What were the pictures for? It must have been interesting seeing what they did with your displays.
I know what you mean about posting images of your home, looking all tidy, while to the side of the picture is a homely mess! we are mostly all the same arn't we.
Shannon said…
Absolutely breathtaking. You may have told us before in an older post, but what year was your home built?

Please tell your son that I am very impressed with his photo; I love that the bear is holding a flower.