A fair distraction.

Don't you just love it when the funfair comes to town?!
In a village close to where we used to live the fair comes to town for one weekend every Autumn. Whilst at Hotel Grandma we are doing much the same school run as before and the beautiful boy and I were both delighted to see the first caravans appearing on the church green!
This is no nostalgic vintage fairground with piped organ music and mechanical rides...
This is a full-on electronic fair with hard rock music and hoodies and we love it!
 When the boy was little we would go to the Saturday afternoon session as he found the noise all too scary...
Now he vanishes into the neon darkness and I find him looking a bit too accomplished with various offensive weapons!
There is candyfloss to add a good sugar-rush to proceedings, although the boy and I don't eat the stuff - we're to be found munching through a bag of hot doughnuts....why do they always sell them in odd numbers? And don't you agree that the odd one over should always be eaten by mummy?!
The prizes don't change but still we spend too much money trying to win them...

The boy's favourite has always been 'Hook a Duck'. £2.00 used to buy 20-30 minutes of serious concentration....now the same amount buys a maximum of 2 seconds sport and a big grin
I rather regret moaning about the piles of cheap soft toys and giant inflatables that would come home with us.... want to see our booty haul this year?
I think a girlie antidote is called for... happily provided by a quick bit of baking for the local Macmillan Coffee Morning and my new cupcake stand!
I hope you're all having a good week in spite of the bleak weather! I am having an entirely better week this week. It got off to an astonishingly good start on Monday and tomorrow I say goodbye to the first round of builders and finally my plumber friend can really crack on! Even the discovery of a dodgy electrical supply proved to be a mere blip as the utility company are coming to replace the mains feed on Monday next week. Astonishing all round! Home is looking more possible by the day!   t.x


Frances said…
Thanks so much for taking us along with you to the fair. And even better, the fair under darkness broken by all those colored lights!


Looks as if you all took lots of prizes home, and also sounds as if your home is advancing day by day.

Best wishes. xo
Floss said…
So glad to hear things are going well. And I loved your fairground description - we go to our town fair every year and have been enjoying the differences between French and English fairs - the games and rides are the same, the food and the timings are different!
Stephanie said…
I have similar stories at home as I have a 7 years old boy ;-)
Your cupcakes look yummy and I can't wait to see the next pics of the house!
Take care.
Planet Penny said…
What a great funfair. I'm sure you enjoyed all those lovely prizes you brough home!!! That is a serious cake stand, the fairy cakes look lovely. I fell for a beautiful cake stand in Bath last week, make from three vintage plates, but came up against the 'where are you going to keep it?' conundrum. Hope everything keeps moving smoothly on the home front, Penny x
Linda Gilbert said…
I hope your life is beginning to be dotted with special times and happy moments
BusyLizzie said…
Loved the trip to the fair in my youth. Great fun!! Lizzie x
rockinloubylou said…
The fair sounds like a lot of fun, and we can never have enough of that.
katysclutter said…
Hook a duck used to be favourite too! xx
Oh my, I love your blog, just looked at your Kitschen photos and nearly dies (of envy!)you have such good taste.